The ability to extend your company’s services is the key to success in today’s fluid business landscape.

The problem

A consultancy company in Queensland realized that by extending their capabilities they would be able to generate higher profits by reaching a wider market, but diversifying can be very time consuming and expensive.

The company was looking to grow their business by offering Accountancy and Bookkeeping services to its customers in an effort to increase retention and generate new clients.

The company researched a number of ways to reach their goals.

In-house solution

Their initial plan was to create an in-house team by leasing an office space and recruiting a new team, but this proved to be too costly and time consuming.


They considered using freelancers. This seemed like the most cost-effective solution, but there were issues with scalability, reliability and consistent output. This solution would require a number of dedicated local staff to manage the tasks and lines of communication.


The company also investigated outsourcing solutions. While this addressed their requirements there were some concerns about the quality of the output and general communication. They were also worried about working conditions and would only deal with a company that shared their view on ethics.

The Solution

During the company’s search for an outsourcing provider they came across Cloudstaff. They soon discovered that Cloudstaff was not a typical outsourcing provider. Cloudstaff not only satisfied the company’s criteria for standard working conditions, they exceeded them.

Cloudstaff was able to provide a team of two senior Accountants and four junior Bookkeepers that fit perfectly into the culture of the company. The team’s PCs were built to the company’s specifications and the required software was installed. Each team member had an extension on the company’s phone system and access to the company’s file server.


A Cloudstaff Account Manager met with the company’s CEO and CFO to discuss the required outcomes. Because the Account Manager specialized in Accounting solutions, they were able to offer advice that helped the company plan their staffing requirements.

The company needed their staff to interact directly with clients, so Cloudstaff Recruiting found experienced staff with the required communication skills and phone manner. After several phone interviews, the team was engaged and ready to start work.

Cloudstaff Office Support installed Windows and the core software on their PCs. They also configured the team’s phone systems, email and other communications services.

The Cloudstaff Account Manager worked closely with the company, Recruiting and Office Support services to ensure that all requirements were met and the work environment was ready on time.

Cloudstaff’s Success Team helped the company define their processes and assisted with team integration. Over the next few months the team continued to increase productivity and become a self-sufficient department.


The Cloudstaff Solution has allowed the company to diversify its offerings and grow their capabilities without needing to increase their local footprint or invest in new systems.

The company was able to see firsthand the advantages and benefits in terms of cost savings and time management. In addition, their new Cloudstaff team has become an integral part of their company.

Additional benefits

By utilizing their Cloudstaff team to their full potential, the company was able to continue to grow and increase revenue.

Because Cloudstaff provided a structured solution that included training and support for department leads, the remote team provided training for new hires, dramatically reducing the time it took to get new staff up-to-speed.

The company found that the team not only provided a valuable service for customers, but they could also utilize their skills for their internal accounting needs.

Why we are the right outsourcing solutions provider for your business.

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We provide a full range of security options designed to protect your data and IP.

Your way

We take the time to understand your goals and create a solution that “works the way you do”.

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