As global companies do business in the new normal, it has become clear that even after BPO workers are vaccinated, it may take years for the larger population to achieve herd immunity. The risk of office shutdowns due to COVID-19 and the implementation of social distancing in the workplace will remain for some time. 

That is why we are introducing the SUITEONE CABIN.

SuiteOne cabins are business suites designed to give each staff member their own individual workspace—similar to a first-class cabin on a long haul flight—and to provide a safe and secure working environment for staff.

Each SuiteOne cabin features a large work area with a choice of dedicated PC or laptop. Rather than being a small, four-walled prison cell or drywall box, the SuiteOne cabins have large glass panels, allowing staff members to see one another. The glass also permits natural light to flow through the cabins. The glass panels are fitted with electronic Smart Tint film so that when privacy is needed, they become opaque with the flick of a switch. The use of Smart Tint film also reduces noise while increasing security.

SuiteOne cabins have their own independent amenities—air conditioning, water dispenser, and safe, hygienic rubbish disposal. Together, they all work to reduce the risk of virus transmission and more importantly, the cabins ensure that social distancing is enforced in the workplace. 

The SuiteOne Cabins can be permanently allocated to customers with custom VPN and links used to tie staff back into enterprise networks. They are also available in a secure PCI DSS option. By ensuring that these suites are close to where your staff live, it further reduces health risks and improves staff retention and attendance.

SuiteOne cabins are a part of the ‘new office for the new world.’ They are the next generation of outsourcing.

Key features

Available for two shifts per day

Each suite cabin is available for 11 hours per day per customer. An extra hour is reserved for changeover and cleaning before the cabin is allocated to the next customer’s team member. Customers can also choose to stack shift team members and use a pod for two back-to-back shifts as they may run their operations around the clock.

The boarding pass

SuiteOne can dynamically assign cabins to staff. Staff arriving for work are sent a boarding pass telling them which cabin they are using for their shift. Upon arrival, the cabin is all set for the staff member to use. There are no shared PCs, mice or keyboards. Each staff member will be allocated their own equipment which they can quickly plug into their desk and start working. Security is paramount for SuiteOne so the LAN network is automatically configured to match the suites that your staff are using.

SuiteOne Console

There are no buttons, light switches or aircon remote controls in a SuiteOne cabin. Similar to an airliner, everything is controlled by a SuiteOne Console—a digital interface on the user’s PC. With the click of a mouse the staff can adjust the aircon temperature or set ambiance lighting. Since many customers restrict access to certain streaming sites and services, staff can tune into Cloudstaff’s radio station using their SuiteOne Console. The SuiteOne Console is also used to access concierge service. From the convenience and safety of their cabin, staff can order lunch and snacks that are then delivered to the cabin. And just like an airliner, the SuiteOne Console shows the staff if the bathroom is vacant, so there’s no need to congregate around the area.

SuiteOne View

SuiteOne View gives you real-time visibility into all your suites. A video wall shows all the staff in all the suites that are presently allocated to your company. If staff are using different SuiteOne cabins in different cities, they’ll all appear as one. There is also a simple messaging service that staff can use to send text notes to other team members in other cabins.

End-of-shift sanitation

At the end of the shift, staff can place all personal items into a cabin baggage including their keyboard and mouse and check it back in for safekeeping with the Concierge. This ensures there is no congregation around locker areas. The suite is then deep cleaned and the results will appear on the SuiteOne Console.

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