Overnight Research Team

Overnight Research Team

With the Cloudstaff Overnight Research Team, you can get all the benefits of an experienced in-house research team, minus the costs of a permanent team.

Your Time Is Precious
Time is a precious resource that many businesses run short of – there are just not enough hours in the day. As a result many of the simple basic tasks like CRM research, data washing and mining – do not get done. Research can be time consuming, we understand; plus with your busy schedule it can be very difficult to dedicate your time on research when you could otherwise be doing tasks that’ll drive your business forward.

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Our team of researches use sophisticated web scraping tools for collecting data.

The Cloudstaff Advantage

Our team of researchers and data-miners work from 11PM to 8AM, to ensure that you get the data and information you need first thing in the morning. The team is available on an ad hoc (per hour) basis for use by Cloudstaff customers.

The service costs AUD$9 per hour.

If you would like to discuss how Cloudstaff’s Overnight Research Team could help your business grow, reach out to your Business Development Manager at: sales@cloudstaff.com

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