Modern Slavery General Statement

Cloudstaff is engaged in service. We act legally, ethically and with integrity in all our dealings and relationships with our workforce and business partners. Cloudstaff  is aware that modern slavery takes various forms, such as slavery, involuntary servitude, forced labor, inhumane treatment, child labor, human trafficking, and all other acts that deprives a person’s liberty by another in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain. 

Cloudstaff  does not tolerate any form of modern slavery. We actively work to prevent any risk of modern slavery within the business and comply in full with our obligations under applicable laws relating to slavery of all forms in locations where Cloudstaff has existing or future operations, such as, the Philippines, Australia and the USA. 

As a fast growing company based and operating in Australia, we anticipate the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) reporting threshhold will apply to us soon. As such, we will be required to comply with the statutory reporting requirements of the Act. 

While we are not yet mandated by the Act to report, we express our commitment and assurance that Cloudstaff does not engage or do anything that would be an offense under the Act and that Cloudstaff is committed to ensuring that we are at all times compliant with the Act. There are no instances of modern slavery at Cloudstaff and/or any part of our business of which we are aware. If at any stage, we identify risk of modern slavery within our business, we will conduct a thorough invesigation to promptly mitigate any risk impact and use reasonable endevours to eliminate the risk of modern slavery. 

This statement was approved by the Chief Compliance Officer Wayne Bucklar.

Date last reviewed 04 June 2021.