In many businesses it’s the difficult, time consuming and sometimes repetitive tasks that are holding you back from growing your business. Moving these tasks to your Cloudstaff team gives you a cost-effective, efficient way to scale and grow your business.

When you build a team with Cloudstaff, you are able to free up much of the time of your onshore staff so they are able to focus their energy on the growth levers of your business.

The introduction of your Cloudstaff team into your business model will likely make your core business more profitable. Your business is now unburdened and able to grow and scale faster.


We listen to you, find out what you need and then we work hard to find highly skilled candidates who’ll fit your business needs.


We understand your need for a productive and stable team. At Cloudstaff we have an experienced based events culture that invokes loyalty, trust and happiness in our employees.  This has resulted in a staff retention rate that on average is 8 time longer than the average BPO. Your team remains stable and producing  helping you to grow and be more profitable.

Cloudstaff is the trusted name in next generation-outsourcing.

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Why we are the right outsourcing solutions provider for your business.

98% staff retention

Our investment in staff engagement programs results in industry-leading staff retention.

The right people

We are committed to finding the best people, targeting the top 5% of staff in the workforce.

Proven track record

We’ve been delivering successful outsourcing for over 10 years.

Innovative by nature

We have built a technology platform that makes managing your team easy.

Smart, safe and secure

We provide a full range of security options designed to protect your data and IP.

Your way

We take the time to understand your goals and create a solution that “works the way you do”.

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