When it comes to sustainability, very few companies are willing to go the extra mile. Our goal is to go further.

We care deeply about the environment and believe that all companies, big and small, have an obligation to be responsible corporate citizens.

One of our environmental missions is to look for ways to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we have instituted a number of policies for recycling and handling consumables.

Every year, about 8 million metric tons of plastic gets dumped into our ocean. So as much as possible, we avoid utilising single-use plastic or other non-recyclable materials that can cause a huge environmental impact that will possibly last for decades or even centuries to come.

All of our packaging is designed with the environment in mind.

We are proud to announce that the packaging materials we use to transport hardware, perks, etc. are made from recycled materials and they are designed to be reused until they reach end of life. At that point we recycle them.

Get rewards for helping us save the environment!

The company uses thousands of recycled boxes to pack the employees’ perks and hardware every year. Instead of letting them get thrown away and go to waste, we will soon launch our Reuse-Recycle-Reward Program to encourage our team to drop off their used boxes to the company and get rewards.

The collected boxes will be recycled and reused to lessen the amount of waste produced by the company. It is just one of our little ways to encourage every Cloudstaffer to be environmentally responsible.