Compare Outsourcing Providers

When choosing an outsourcing provider there are many things that contribute to your success. You need to be sure you are comparing apples with apples.

The following are a lists of questions you should be asking your outsourcing provider.

About the BPO

Has the BPO been operating for at least 5 years?
Is the BPO acting in compliance with the terms set by the local government and authorities?
Does the BPO strictly adhere to local labor and tax laws?
Does the BPO have a code of conduct and ethics?
Does the BPO have an experienced, international management team?
Does the BPO operate modern, fully equipped offices that meet or exceed Western standards?


Does the BPO provide professional recruitment services?
Does the BPO target the top 5% of staff in the region?
Does the BPO have an active, pre-qualified pool of available candidates?
Does the BPO offer advanced recruitment services including profile and culture matching?
Does the BPO match the career goals of the candidates to the position?


Does the BPO have a staff retention rate above 98%?
Does the BPO have a dedicated staff engagement team?
Does the BPO provide staff collaboration programs (interest groups, knowledge sharing and events)?
Does the BPO have a rewards program to encourage participation and productivity?


Does the BPO have a Research and Development group dedicated to building the tools to help customers get the most from outsourcing?
Does the BPO have the technology and automated systems to promote future growth?
Has the BPO automated the payroll process to ensure staff are paid correctly and on time every week?


Does the BPO have dedicated security guards at their buildings 24×7?
Does the BPO provide customizable levels of security for customer suites?
Does the BPO use access cards and biometric security systems?
Does the BPO provide a low-latency, live CCTV footage to their international customers?
Does the BPO use a secure check-in system for guests?
Do security guards have access to electronic handbooks and runbooks?


Does the BPO have a high-quality international connectivity and intelligently route data to get the best performance for customers?
Does BPO have the ability to offer dedicated connections to customers?
Is the BPO able to divert low value traffic away from the dedicated circuit?
Does the BPO maintain connections to multiple ISPs?
Does the BPO have diverse connectivity at all locations?
Does the BPO provide a separate (insulated) WiFi network for staff?


Does the BPO operate separate technical and network teams?
Do the technical team monitor the network, servers and address general technical issues for staff?
Are the technical team available 24×7?
Does the BPO conduct regular software audits to ensure all software is legitimate?
Does the BPO deploy customer-centric tools (like WebPing diagnostic) on each customer setup?

Disaster Recovery

Does the BPO have a formal audited disaster recovery plan for their operations and administration centers?
Has the disaster recovery plan been recently tested?
Does the BPO require staff to read the disaster recovery plan?
Are the BPO’s operation centers at a safe distance from known fault lines?
Are the BPO’s operation centers rated and certified to withstand typical environmental threats?
Can the BPO offer Hot/Warm/Cold seats to customers at other locations?
Does the BPO have resilient communication systems that do not solely rely on physical landing stations within the Philippines?