SAITE 2016 – Technology: Riding the Wave of Change

16 September 2016, Lou-is Convention Center, Balanga City, Bataan – The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE), had their annual student assembly on I.T. Aptly named the “Student Assembly on Information Technology Education” (SAITE), the event was host to over 3000 students in the span of two days. The event’s theme? “Technology: Riding the Wave of Change.”

PSITE Activities

Various activities were available to students at SAITE 2016.

SAITE had various speakers talking about a variety of topics like big data, current trends in programming, outsourcing, and the changes in the industry’s landscape and processes. SAITE also had several activities running continuously throughout the event, like the hackathon and the graphic design competition. This was all done as part of the vision to provide the youth with an overview of the technological industry and to build their budding potential.

PSITE Presentations

Cloudstaff was invited as one of the key speakers during the event, and it was one of the founding seven members of Cloudstaff Philippines – Reo Jan Matias that did the talk. As the head of Cloudstaff’s Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team, Reo talked about the importance of SQA in the development of programs and web pages.

SQA, in depth

When most people think of SQA, they think of them as testers and analysts at best, or as sidekicks to programmers at worst. Reo is determined to shatter that image.

You see, SQA is to development, as what crash tests are to cars. Using a number of different tools and techniques, SQA specialists ruthlessly test software with the intent of breaking them. There are several steps to this, all involving different methodologies, environments, hardware and software.

PSITE - Reo Jan Matias

Now you may wonder… “Why do SQ Analysts want to break the software?”

Well, when a program goes through development, bugs and glitches will be produced. With SQA, the aim is to find these bugs and to eliminate as much of them as possible during a specific time period. In short it prevents accidents and blunders from happening, thus saving time, money, and lives.

The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) is a professional body of information technology education practitioners in the Philippines. They aim to transform the academic community that enables and sustains the growth of a knowledge-driven Philippine economy. Read more…

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