Staff Outsourcing: Hiring the right remote employees for your business

Many business owners are looking into staff outsourcing to help drive their business to greater heights. They know how important it is to invest in people as they are the most valuable asset of an organization. 

If you are new to outsourcing, building a remote team can be quite stressful. It requires a lot of time, planning, and effort to make sure you are hiring the right person for the role. 

Businesses hire people who can add value to their organization by contributing fresh ideas and perspectives. Companies that embrace outsourced staff reduce their running costs, lose less time to staff management, reduce their office footprints, boost their productivity and improve their efficiency.  

Three great tips for hiring the right people 

When hiring people for your business, what are the things that you put into consideration? While it’s customary to rely on written skills and qualifications, it does not guarantee you with candidates that would actually fit your business needs. 

Through staff outsourcing, finding the experts you need to grow your business can be an easy process. Here are three tips to help you get the top candidates to support your local team.

  1. Choose the right hiring partner 

A reputable outsourcing partner gives your business a competitive edge by building you a diverse team of professionals with a wide range of skills. Whether you’re in need of administrative assistants, accountants, developers, or any other support roles, they can find you the best candidates who match your requirements and your company’s culture.

An experienced outsourcing provider like Cloudstaff also has a team of industry experts with specialized knowledge. They can give you the best insights as to how workforce outsourcing can help your company. You can save both time and money since you don’t have to constantly retrain and rehire and instead use your company resources to grow your business.

  1. Get applicants to send in video resumes 

While face-to-face interaction is limited due to the present conditions, this is a great time to consider video resumes over traditional or written resumes. Not that you have to entirely disregard written resumes but video resumes can be a more creative approach to selecting the people you want.

Video resumes give the candidates the opportunity to showcase their skills and bring out their knowledge in your industry—things they cannot show on paper. And as an employer, you can easily assess their capabilities necessary to accomplish important tasks even before you get to interview them.

  1. Involve your team in the hiring decision

There may be times when you could miss essential information about potential candidates, especially when you have more important things to work on. This is why it’s better to get your managers or team champs involved in the interview process as well. They can give you a more comprehensive background on the individual that can help make your decision-making process a lot easier. And since your outsourced staff will be working closely with you and your local team, it’s necessary to ensure that everyone can build a good working relationship with one another.

Looking for other outsourcing tips and strategies?

Cloudstaff’s outsourcing experts are always available to help. We’ve been setting up teams of outsourced staff in the Philippines for over 10 years for companies of all sizes. From helping you get started, to fine-tuning high-performance teams, we are always happy to share our experience with you. Speak with us today.