Cloudstaff Training Program

Stepping up the growth ladder through training program

Where do great employees come from? Are they born with innate abilities or are they made through guidance and staff training program?


As managers or business owners, of course, you want to hire staff who do not only have the required skills and knowledge but must also be able to do the job correctly. But in actuality, getting the right people for a certain task is a crucial endeavour.

So instead of asking where can you find good employees or whether they are born or made—as a business leader, you can make that happen—to fill your organisation with top talents.

Cloudstaff holds in-house training programs for its staff. The Training and Professional Services team has the vision to lead staff, customers, and all stakeholders towards continuous development to bring about a seamless execution of work in all aspects.

Their mission is to provide solutions, establish systems and processes, instil values, and train skills suitable for the modern workforce in support to the increasing and changing demands of our customers’ businesses, the team accepts the daily challenges of making all of these a reality.

A variety of corporate training courses are available for facilitation and these are focused on leadership and development, which includes topics about professional language, customer engagement, setting SMART goals, conducting root cause analysis, managing employee attendance and performance, as well as coaching and mentoring next leaders, and staff retention strategies. There are also technical courses dedicated to improving staff expertise in using Microsoft Office platforms such as MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.

The training team also facilitates CPA-CPD seminar series through the help of third-party training providers to widen the knowledge of our licensed accountants and aid them in the renewal of their licenses.

To ensure that their training courses are relevant to the needs of the industry, all members of the training and development team continually engage themselves in doing research and reading a variety of print and online content on top of attending learning sessions to further enhance their knowledge and increase their expertise.

Public Speaking Training

The overall goal of the training courses is not only beneficial to the company but is also directed to our clients’ businesses. Cloudstaff works closely with existing and potential clients to examine the training needs of staff and to help oversee their performance. The training team envisions having productive and engaged staff which then impacts the efficiency and profitability of the organisations they are in.

Cloudstaff believes that good employees are born but it is through training, coaching, and guiding them in which they are able to reach their maximum potential to become great.

Build your organisation’s ladder towards growth through staff training and development.

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