CS Blood drive

The good Samaritan within

The story of the good Samaritan has been heard by almost everyone — helping a total stranger in need. In fact, he knew that he would not gain anything from it, but he still had chosen to do it.

Recently, CS Cares, the CSR arm of Cloudstaff, in partnership with Angeles University Foundation Medical Center conducted a blood donation drive held at the Velvet Lounge in CRK03. It was a whole day activity to accommodate Cloudstaffers coming from different buildings.

AUFMC is among the leading hospitals in Central Luzon and one of the primary choices when deciding for a healthcare facility located in Angeles City, Pampanga by virtue of location, specialty services, and experts in a variety of fields. The main objective of the activity is for the company to have an affiliate hospital that can aid Cloudstaffers along with their families in case they would be needing blood — free of charge.

Moreover, the officers of the club plan to make this a quarterly event to ensure adequate stock levels of blood. Quoting Garth, one of the Cloudstaffers who joined in the activity, “I really like to donate blood since it can help someone in need. I have a friend who once needed blood, and it had been difficult to find donors with the exact blood type that time. Besides, donating blood is also beneficial to our health.”

Just like the Good Samaritan, he did not wait for anything in return. He gladly did what he thought was right. You do not need to be a hero, or someone with special powers, or even a doctor to save lives — be a blood donor and make a difference in someone’s life.

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