The Induction Dinner: More FOOD, More FUN at Cloudstaff!

The Induction Dinner: More FOOD, More FUN at Cloudstaff!

Cloudstaff Induction Dinner – Straight out of their shifts, Cloudstaff new hires were filed out and marched to shuttles leaving for Hensonville Plaza. New faces and shy smiles dominated the view of all the newbies. Reaching Boss Lloyd’s mansion people new and old alike start trickling into the bar, it’s there that once stoic faces start breaking into big grins and chatter starts getting louder and louder.

When everyone was sufficiently warmed up, the group then moved to the dining room where a big welcome feast awaited them. It was there that Boss Lloyd gave a quick speech about the values of Cloudstaff and the importance of its employees. “It’s a unique way for new employee recognition, and it’s an intimate gathering so there’s more possibility for everybody to actually sit down, talk and get to know each other. Plus breaking bread with the boss when you’re new is a morale booster.” says month-old Executive Service Specialist II Graciela Mendoza.

Just chit-chatting away over food and drinks, before anyone knew it the night was over. “This Induction Dinner is warm and laid back… Oh yes, definitely! This is exactly the company I’ve been looking for.” says Executive Service Specialist I Catherine Velasquez.


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