The Road to Success: A course on leadership

The Road to Success: A Course on Leadership

“Learning about leadership does not begin and end in classrooms; classroom training is only a part of the many aspects of leadership and is just one of the many ways that Cloudstaff helps its employees to demonstrate leadership skills in the workplace.” —Lloyd Ernst, Cloudstaff CEO

Here at Cloudstaff, lucky employees have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills to become effective leaders. Clients may even be able to vouch for people’s training like what happened last 28 November 2015!

Four employees – Gemma De Guzman, Ron Mariano, JR, Elaine Manansala, were sponsored by their clients to undergo a leadership training course under Glenn Lopez.

The course consisted of: The Importance and Role of a Team Lead, When to Lead and When to Manage, Planning for Team Success, Motivating Team Members to Perform, and Managing Team Performance.

On the training Elaine Manansala has this to say,

“The session was interactive and very personal, because of our small number. My favorite lesson I learned was how transparency in the workplace is major determinant of strength and honesty. The training was useful in helping me to develop more my leadership skill. He encouraged us to provide alternate ideas which could be beneficial for us in addressing other issues.”


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