A Toast Team Champs

A Toast To Our New (Team) Champs

21 March 2016 – A welcome dinner was held at the Cloudstaff Mansion for the New TCs and as a sort of thanksgiving dinner (despite not being November) for the current Team Champs of Business Services for their hard work and support to the team.

Team Champs are an essential part of Cloudstaff’s processes and without their help, we would not be able to seamlessly implement our processes and provide feedback to our teams.

The Cloudstaffers had had dinner with Boss Lloyd and Wayne Bucklar of HPR. During the dinner Boss Lloyd shared with everyone the plans for the company, the different technologies being developed within Cloudstaff (coming soon!) and a recap of some apps like Cloudstaff TAP and Cloudstaff BUZZ.

Below are the thoughts what the new TCs felt about that night:

“I’m thankful to work for Cloudstaff. I get to enjoy different perks, friendly clients, training sessions to hone my skills, plus the privilege to move up and become a TC. Thank you Cloudstaff for these opportunities. Together I know we can do great things! Cheers!”

JocelynP | Team Champ


“This experience was great. For us to get to know our fellow Team Champs and brainstorm with mam Lala, the CEO, and Wayne Bucklar. It gave us the opportunity to understand the future plans of the company and how we can be a part of it. Very proud and glad to be part of Cloudstaff and now the managerial team.”

PhilipV | Team Champ


“It is a privilege to be chosen as one of the new Team Champs. I’m glad to be working with these awesome people and in the #OneWorkplaceInThePhilippines.”

LouieC | Team Champ

A toast! For all our Cloudstaffers who we wouldn’t be Cloudstaff without, and for all our TCs (both new and old) for helping to keep things running as well as it is! Cheers!

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