Here’s your guide to the top technology trends to expect this year

The global pandemic has forced the world to rethink how they do business, keeping track of the technology trends that could help support their business processes. These changes have brought with them a flurry of new technology designed to accommodate this new way of doing business. 

The need for digital transformation has become an essential part of modern business and many technologies have been created or upgraded to support the transition from traditional offices to working-from-home solutions. These new tools and solutions have improved the way we communicate and given businesses the opportunity to decentralize their workforces.

The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote and satellite personal office spaces and many companies intend to continue offering remote working options even after the pandemic is over. The ability to work anywhere and anytime will be a major part of the emerging post-pandemic business strategies and technology will need to keep pace with these changes. 

What technology trends can you expect in 2021?

Hyper Automation 

Hyper automation dramatically reduces the cost of repetitive tasks and helps businesses be more competitive. Organizations can leverage AI and ML to integrate their systems and processes to create an intelligent corporate ecosystem that can self-maintain. 

Hyper automation extends beyond the digital world with the deployment of robots and automated assembly lines that create physical products or action real-world tasks. This automation aims to produce consistent and efficient results with fewer errors in the process.. 

Hyper automation assumes the responsibility for monotonous and repetitive tasks, allowing you to use their skills for the roles that add more value to your business. 

5G Networks

Wireless connectivity is a key component of digital transformation. Having high-speed access to connectivity from any location is critical as workforces become more transportable. Wireless networks will become faster and more reliable, surpassing the existing fixed connections. 

5G will provide faster, more secure, more reliable ways to connect to people and services, keeping us ‘Always On’.

Social media as a customer service platform

Social media is among the top technology trends that allow businesses to reach millions of people in just a click. It is a great way to reach a wider audience, but is moving beyond simply connecting people. It is evolving into a stand-alone technology that can help boost business productivity and increase overall customer satisfaction through extended functionality that can follow a user’s status and sentiment, interact with them, and provide information and solutions. 


The nature of the internet has allowed for a more personalized and human experience across platforms and channels that we frequently use. This idea is extending to the real world as physical spaces can now be personalized based on the way we use our devices. People will be able to experience products, services and spaces in ways that are most meaningful to them. 

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