We help businesses of all sizes reduce their operational costs and streamline their business processes by providing professional full-time “staff in the cloud”.

Cloudstaff is outsourcing built for 2020 and beyond. Cloudstaff is what happens when Silicon Valley startup culture & high-end co-working spaces meet the large, talented workforce in the Philippines.

We provide a great work environment and perks for our team, which leads to higher engagement and retention for your team.

Is Cloudstaff right for my business?

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What Cloudstaff can do for you?

We will find you great staff that you’ll love

Using our specialized software and testing procedures, we ensure candidates fit your company’s needs.

By working directly with educational facilities and aggressively recruiting top talent, we access to the top 5% of talent in the region.

Support for you and your offshore team

Think of your Cloudstaff team as an extension of your in-house team.

Our Western Account Managers in the Philippines work with you to help integrate your local and remote teams.

Help you scale your workforce

We understand that your situation can change unexpectedly, so our workforce solutions can easily scale up or down.

There are no long-term contracts that keep you locked-in.

Reliable infrastructure and security

Our workspaces are built to stringent specifications to ensure security and compliance for your industry needs.

Offices that your staff will love

Our modern, fully-equipped workplaces are designed with both productivity and workers’ well-being in mind.

Ethical outsourcing

Our working conditions meet Western standards, comply with all local labor and tax laws and provide a safe and healthy work environment for staff.

Client Testimonials

Hear from two of our U.S. clients about how Cloudstaffing changed the way their businesses work, for the better.

One Inc.

Tyler Jones, Director of Finance

One, Inc. is a digital payments company for the insurance industry. The company is based in Sacramento, CA.

We provide skilled staff that work the way you do.

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Growing Businesses, Growing Challenges.

Cloudstaff works with hundreds of growing businesses throughout the U.S. and around the world to provide solutions for their outsourcing challenges. If you are trying to grow your business, spend more time with clients, or simply offload low-value tasks, we want to partner with you. Here are the top challenges we solve for our clients:

Lost productivity

A very large percent of your staff’s valuable time is consumed by repetitive administrative tasks that prevent them from focusing on their core duties. How much of your key staff’s day is lost to low-value tasks that could be done elsewhere? How much is this lost time costing your business?

Skills shortages

A barrier to a company’s growth is often the availability and cost of skilled staff. By not having the right people for the job, companies can not extend their capabilities and add additional services. This shortage of skilled staff often adds to the workload of your existing workforce as they take on extra duties.

Hidden costs

It is easy to overlook the hidden costs of hiring, training and retaining staff. These might include recruitment, office space and supplies, technical support, insurance, and pay supplements. Expanding your workforce can be expensive and incredibly time-consuming. These issues often slow a company’s growth, or worse, halt it altogether.

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The Cloudstaff story

Cloudstaff was established in 2005 by Australian Internet pioneer Mr. Lloyd Ernst. The company initially focused on software development for Western markets. However, in 2010, Cloudstaff identified the Philippines as an emerging market for outsourcing services and expanded operations to the region.

From the very start we knew that the traditional model for outsourcing did not suit the vision we had for our business. We have many years of experience in this industry and have seen the good and the bad in the way companies deal with their clients and staff.

We wanted to do better.

A clear decision was made that we would not compromise our values for profits. Our clients and our staff are our number one priority. We adhere to a strict code of ethics that ensures we deliver working conditions that meet (or exceed) Western standards, comply with all local labor and tax laws, provide a safe and healthy work environment and support for their families and the community.

Today, Cloudstaff employs over 2500 staff and contractors across six different locations.