Language Month

Westerners Try the Local Language

Some of Cloudstaff’s Westerners try their hand at speaking Filipino for Language Month in the Philippines.

For businesses, one of the most attractive things about the Philippines as an outsourcing destination is how well most people speak English – in fact, many FIlipinos can speak three or four languages.

Well, we all know how great Filipinos can speak English, but how well can the Westerners speak Filipino? Sadly, not so great.

As part of Buwan ng Wika (Language Month), some of our Western Cloudstaffers accepted a difficult challenge – they tried to say some common Filipino sayings. This turned out to be a much bigger task than expected. Tongues twisted and brains started to overheat as they tried to recite some local sayings. Just to make it a bit more interesting, they also had to try some popular Filipino food.

Even for the staff that knew a few words, pressure of the cameras and spotlights sent their hearts racing and blood pressure soaring – but at the end of the day, it was all just a bit of fun, we had a few laughs at their expense and they lived to tell the tale. Why don’t you take a look at the video, but try not to laugh – they did the best they could. 🙂

Buwan ng Wika 2017

This month of August, Philippines is celebrating Buwan ng Wika to commemorate the value of their national language, Filipino.As we participate on the said celebration, Cloudstaff presents… "Hamon sa Buwan ng Wika".Isang maligayang Buwan ng Wika sa inyong lahat! #CSBuwanNgWika

Posted by Cloudstaff on Thursday, August 24, 2017

No Westerners were harmed during the making of this video.

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