Outside shot - Cloudstaff

Why is location important?

Offices in the Philippines are carefully chosen by the management so as to make it convenient for its employees.

At Cloudstaff, location is important. In fact we have six offices in the Philippines. We want to be close to where the staff live. It makes it easier for the staff to commute, it also aids retention and staff it’s the number one reason why they choose an employer, is to make sure it’s convenient to commute to work. It’s not uncommon to hear nightmare stories where people spend 2 to 3 hours or longer commuting to the office. Secondly we have offices in different locations because it allows us to tap into the different talent pools which will exist. Some areas may have slightly better English, other areas may have better skill sets, professional services for instance at Makati. And at the same time it means that you also have redundancy as well, if you have a major issue in one particular location you are able to transition staff across to other locations so they could continue to work.


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