Why our Customers Choose Cloudstaff for Recruitment Outsourcing

In today’s rapidly globalized workforce, recruitment outsourcing is becoming increasingly beneficial to have solutions that focus on innovative methods and access to top global talent at an affordable price for our customers.

To create a successful business, companies need to have their recruiting, HR and back-office processes in order. But with all of these extra considerations, how can companies focus on their core products and services – the activities that actually drive profits?

Here at Cloudstaff, we solve that problem for you! We customize our services to best meet your workforce goals. We recognize the different hiring needs every job role requires and fulfill each task with efficiency.

We find the staff that you need, provide them with all the equipment and facilities that will allow them to thrive for your business, and take care of all on-boarding, payroll, and HR requirements.

Recently, we had the privilege of receiving a review from one of our clients on Clutch. Clutch is a ratings and reviews startup based in DC that uses client reviews to evaluate businesses in different industries.

In this review, one of our clients, an apparel company, gave us kind words and wonderful ratings for our recruitment outsourcing services. We helped them by providing them with sales and lead generation staff.

“The Cloudstaffer was responsible for managing inbound leads to bringing them to a sale and then facilitating all items needed to bring that order to the production phase.”

Our efforts followed through from finding a number of top candidates, to organizing interview times. By the end, our customer was able to successfully recruit a qualified candidate from the selected pool for their hiring needs.

Cloudstaff facilitated all the on-boarding and induction training and provided them world-class offices and facilities. 

“Our Cloudstaffer has shown the ability to pivot from role to role as we determined how his strengths were best suited. He now trains other employees, manages multiple clients, meets his sales goals, and is coming up on a 1 year anniversary with us.” 

Beyond Clutch, you can also find us on their sister site, Visual Objects. Visual Objects showcases portfolios from businesses like ours so customers can make informed decisions before working with solutions providers. Clutch also maintains an additional platform, The Manifest, which lists B2B businesses based on industry and geographic ranks.

It makes us extremely happy to see our services be recognized with positive feedback from clients, and we hope we can continue to satisfy all future clients for each of their RPO staffing needs. We understand every business has their own unique tasks when approaching recruiting processes, and want to develop a solution that works for you. Are you curious to know how Cloudstaff can support your recruitment outsourcing goals?

Please contact us and we would love to share more information on how to outsource recruitment!

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