Our philosophy is what makes us who we are and is why we do the things we do. When Cloudstaff was founded, we saw an opportunity to redefine the industry by creating new standards of behavior for outsourcing companies.

Our vision

We aim to change the landscape of the outsourcing industry by creating new standards in service delivery, customer engagement and business ethics.

Our mission

We help businesses maximize their potential by providing cost-effective, scalable workforce solutions built on highly skilled staff, modern fully equipped workspaces and Cloudstaff custom-built technology to deliver a seamlessly unified global workforce.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing world-class services and the highest level of customer satisfaction while providing an enjoyable, family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for our staff and support for the community as a whole.

Our values

Our values are based on the  principles of respect, integrity, trust, teamwork, communication, compassion, agility and innovation. Together they form the core of our company and define the way we work and communicate with our people, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our ethics

We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Behavior that ensures we deliver working conditions that meet western standards. We comply with all local labor and tax laws and provide a safe and healthy work environment with modern, fully equipped offices. We value diversity in the workplace and trade ethically.

Our innovation

We are a technology-focused company. We create new and innovative technologies that remove the limitations associated with remote teams. We fully utilize technology to integrate people and processes to provide whole new levels of communication, efficiency and transparency.