Outsourcing for Engineering & Construction

Elevate your project delivery and expand your horizons with expertise and efficiency.

The construction skyline is soaring, and the numbers paint a promising picture: 50% industry growth in the pipeline for the next half-decade. But wait, there’s a crack in the foundation – a talent crunch. From the financial meltdowns to pandemic panics, and now coupled with generational shifts in career preferences, the search for the right crew is like finding a needle in a skyscraper.

But fear not! Cloudstaff is your knight in cobalt armor. We bridge the talent shortage, linking you to engineering and construction experts in everything from CAD to pricing. So, if you’re ready to elevate and harness the industry boom, Cloudstaff is ready to go!

Your all star engineering and construction team awaits

Let Cloudstaff be your wingman. We can pair you up with high-performing professionals who are all about your success story. Here’s a list of our popular roles:


Industrial Engineer

Quantity Surveyor

BIM Specialist

BIM 4D Animator

Structural Estimator

Mechanical Engineer

Cost Estimator

Electrical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil Estimator

Technical Support


Survey Cad Technician

Technical Drawings CAD

Design Engineer

Graphic Engineer

Real Results

Discover how Cloudstaff helped propel this Industry firm to new heights. Dive into their story and learn how they turned things around to soar to business greatness.

The construction software skills you need

With our expansive pool of over 700,000 candidates, we’re your co-pilot in finding the perfect crew. Cloudstaffers can undergo intensive training at our specialized Cloudstaff Academy to ensure they’re flight-ready from day one. Working with our recruitment jedis, let us know what systems expertise you need.

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How engineering & construction outsourcing with Cloudstaff can elevate your business

If groundbreaking projects are your runway, Cloudstaff is the jet fuel to turbocharge your company’s performance. Here’s what we can do for you:

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Have more questions? 

We are always here to help

We’re glad you asked. Construction companies look to hire remote talent because it helps them access a wider range of skilled workers, at 50% the cost of a local resource, and with the ability to quickly flex to meet the demand of new projects. We think you’ll agree this is the winning combination.

Absolutely! For most popular design and engineering tools, we can find you some software superusers. Just let our team know what you need.

Totally! Cloudstaff Academy’s got your back, prepping staff to the max with our Fast Track programs. If you need something special, just ask. We have a great track record building custom training programs for larger teams.

If you can do it remotely, your new Cloudstaff team can too! During the discovery call, we will understand what types of skills you need, the software they need to know, and some of your operational practices. We can then tailor a plan for the necessary IT equipment, working arrangements and access to ensure things are as seamless as if your remote team was just down the road.

It all starts with finding the right talent. Cloudstaff is a pioneer of global remote staffing with specialist training courses to help you get up and running fast. We pair talent with technology to help you manage your team, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Last but not least, our Client Growth Team partners with you every step of the way to secure success.

Hope that clears things up! Anything else you want to know, just talk to us!

Ready to skyrocket your business to new heights?

Book a strategy call today to find out how you can tap into enhanced profitability from outsourcing engineering and construction.

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