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Pioneering the Talent Revolution

The Talent Revolution has arrived – marked by the challenges in traditional hiring, the surge in remote work, and the transformative impact of AI. If your business is on a quest to find the perfect talent to propel its growth to new heights, Cloudstaff is your trusted co-pilot, ready to help you navigate the future of work.

Our recruitment pros are here to connect you with a vast global pool of 700,000+ amazing remote candidates, all backed by our Cloudstaff Academy. However, as your Employer of Record, we’re far more than just talent matchmakers; we’re your partners in progress, dedicated to investing in and nurturing the Cloudstaff Community to boost staff loyalty and turbocharge productivity. Plus, with our brilliant Cloudstaff Technology, managing your new remote staff becomes a complete breeze.

This is Cloudstaff. We’re not just in the game; we’re changing it! Discover how we can help you fill the roles that matter most.

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Roles we specialize in

If it can be done remotely, we’ve got it covered. Here are some of the most sought-after remote staffing roles that businesses entrust to Cloudstaff.


Whether you need fresh graduates or seasoned accountants with specialized knowledge of US, UK, or Australian tax laws, we’ve got the financial expertise you require.


Customer Service

Count on our skilled customer service agents to deliver repeatable, high-quality customer experiences, resolve issues, and drive business development.


Development and IT Support

Explore a wide range of software development roles, including web, app, and system engineering, with highly skilled experts ideal for your projects.


Property Management

Alleviate property management pinch points with our specialized remote staff trained in the real estate industry.


Sales and Marketing

Strengthen your sales, marketing, and creative teams with our talented specialists who can help you get ahead of the competition and build your brand.


Virtual Assistants

Our specialized and dedicated remote staff are ready to free you from the administrative burdens – giving you back up to 16 hours a week, while improving business efficiency.


Build your team with Team Builder

Use our Team Builder to select the skills you need, calculate the monthly price for your new remote team and see how much you could save compared to hiring onshore.

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Want to learn more?

Book a strategy call today to find out how you can tap into enhanced profitability from outsourcing.

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