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With Cloudstaff, you can hire trained and experienced remote workers really fast. We have over 700,000 candidates and plenty of staff ready to go at any given moment.

Adventure awaits. Let’s fly higher together!

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Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Ready to boost your growth with Cloudstaff?

Prepare for a boost to your company growth when you work with Cloudstaff. Our process to find your new staff has been forged and refined over 15 years of bettering businesses. Let us help you get ready for takeoff in three simple steps:

1. Match

It all starts by finding you the best talent. Our recruitment jedis will scour our vast talent database of over 700,000 potential gems, pinpointing those who seamlessly fit with your company’s culture and your unique job requirements – including any specialist software expertise you need.

Thanks to our Cloudstaff Academy, we’ve got a lineup of pre-trained professionals on standby. We also supercharge our ace recruiters with the power of AI and present the shortlist of stars to you in our online recruitment portal. Next stop? Meet and greet your potential team members. You decide who you want, and we get them locked in.

2. Mobilize

Picked your crew? Great! We ensure they’re geared up and ready for take-off.

From all the HR nitty-gritty to supplying them with great equipment that’s fortified with enterprise-grade security, we’ve got it covered.

Before we hit the accelerator, our onboarding team hosts an onboarding kickoff, where training meets your ‘ways of doing things’ and KPIs are set for success!

3. Manage

Now that we’re airborne, you’re in the captain’s seat. Steer your dedicated team’s hours and tasks, just like you would with your crew back home.

With the Cloudstaff apps you can explore the universe of skills in your team, manage time logs, peek into their daily missions, and keep the communication channels humming.

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Thinking of outsourcing?

Here’s your dream team checklist:

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1.  Define what matters most

Determine the business areas you need a partner for – getting a virtual assistant for admin, ramping up lead generation, simplifying property management, or addressing the accountant shortage? As you set your budget, remember: your real onshore staff cost isn’t just the salary but also the time spent hiring, overheads like office space and tech gear, and benefits and team building. Ready to assemble your crew?

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2. Recruit your dream team

Your staffing partner should be more than just a recruiter. Those experienced with outsourcing know that low-care outsourcers often have sub-par facilities, lack proper training, and fail to invest in their community – meaning all the work finding your team can disappear in a cloud of smoke. Customer service is also a big consideration. Cloudstaff has an onshore Client Growth Team with industry know-how to chart your course to success.

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3. Operate with confidence

Security and operational continuity are big concerns for most businesses. That’s why you must align with a partner that takes data security very seriously and implements a range of measures to protect the data of your business and your staff. 

Cloudstaff is ISO certified, so you can rest assured that we are committed to your data security and have business continuity plans in place to keep your team humming.

Having trouble finding great talent? Contact our team today to find out how easy it is to grow your team with remote staffing.

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