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Leadership Team

A headshot of Lloyd Ernst

Lloyd Ernst

CEO & Founder

Lloyd is a serial entrepreneur who founded and grew numerous companies in the professional services and high-tech sectors, including WebCentral, a pioneering internet technology company. Since founding Cloudstaff in 2005, Lloyd has been at the forefront, leading the charge in global remote staffing, championing brilliant career opportunities that attract the best talent, and advocating for technology as a cornerstone of business growth and innovation.

Currently, Lloyd oversees Cloudstaff’s ongoing success and champions high-growth businesses in search of an ethical and expert professional services staffing partner, while being recognized as an industry thought leader.

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A headshot of Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart

Chief Financial and
Operations Officer

Jamie is a highly accomplished Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering results in complex organizations. He has been instrumental in restructuring, evolving, and growing global businesses. His focus on delivering results has allowed him to make a significant impact in his roles, providing substantial operational, commercial, and financial leadership to organizations.

Jamie is responsible for tracking cash flow and financial planning, analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing strategic directions.

A headshot of Tevis Paget

Tevis Paget

Chief Technology Officer

Tevis is an experienced software architect and technologist with over 20 years of experience leading development teams in Australia, China, the UK, and New Zealand. He’s an accomplished software engineer with a long track record of creating cutting-edge software solutions for global tech companies.

Tevis is responsible for Cloudstaff’s technology innovation. He oversees everything from networks and security to operations, software engineering, and digital creative services – including our innovative Cloudstaff remote productivity applications.

A headshot of Gavin Polizzo

Gavin Polizzo

Chief Sales Officer

Gavin has over 24 years of sales leadership experience. He has held executive leadership roles in Verizon and ADP. Most recently, he was the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PosiGen, a national solar and battery backup company in the US.

Gavin’s main focus is on creating and implementing strategies, tactics, and action plans that cater to the business needs of customers, with the goal of driving growth in the US and North American markets.

A headshot of Lee Wade

Lee Wade

Chief Product Officer

Lee has a wealth of experience in product development, having worked in the field for over 20 years. He brings to Cloudstaff an extensive background in developing mobile web applications and digital products. 

Lee is known for his thought leadership on disruptive digital strategies in the Australian real estate industry. As a leader in product strategy and product development, Lee is dedicated to bringing the best solutions to market for Cloudstaff clients.

A headshot of James Braatvedt

James Braatvedt

Chief Growth Officer

James is a global leader that excels in driving high-growth, high-tech strategies. James leads our unique-in-market Client Growth Team that offers strategic consultancy on recruitment, training, retention, productivity, and technology. Additionally, he spearheads the promotion of Cloudstaff’s remote working model through our marketing team.

Having worked in the US, Australia and New Zealand, James brings leadership experience ranging from disruptive tech startups to Fortune 500 companies like ABB, CAE, and First Data.

Key Management

A headshot of Michelle Carbonel

Michelle Carbonel

Chief Recruitment Officer

Michelle is a multi-awarded marketing expert with over two decades of extensive experience in recruitment. Her extensive resume includes successful partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Procter & Gamble, Goodyear, Ford Motors, and Shell Petroleum, as well as tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

As the Chief Recruitment Officer, Michelle leads a team of over 80 talent acquisition professionals, overseeing brand marketing and talent acquisition efforts in the Philippines and globally. Her strategic expertise and unwavering dedication drive the ongoing success and growth of her organizations and clients.

A headshot of Paul Dove

Paul Dove

Senior Vice President of Sales – Asia/Pacific

Paul Dove is a seasoned SVP of Sales Development at Cloudstaff, specializing in APAC. With extensive outsourcing and global team management experience, he helps businesses scale and achieve their goals efficiently. Passionate about growth,

Paul offers personalized consultations to optimize operations, streamline processes, and drive sustainable growth. He emphasizes working on the business for success.

A headshot of Geraldina Sanchez

Geraldina Sanchez

Finance Director

Geraldina has over 20 years of experience in the BPO industry. She was part of the founding team for the Philippines-based CCT Group, working with notable accounts such as Sprint, AT&T, and Citibank. She is highly experienced in the implementation and certification of PCI and has worked for tier-one financial institutions in the field of audit/public and private accounting.

Geraldina is responsible for the global finance team, financial planning and analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and internal control.

A headshot of Wayne Bucklar

Wayne Bucklar

Chief Compliance Officer

Wayne has had a distinguished career that spanned government consulting, academia, and private enterprise. He has spent over a decade working in Asia as the South East Asian representative for Queensland University of Technology, and as an outsourcing consultant. He was previously a Strategic ICT Advisor to the CIO Queensland Health and a senior E-Business Strategist for the Queensland Department of Transport.

As the current Head of Compliance, he has led Cloudstaff’s ISO9001, ISO27001, HIPAA health compliance, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance projects.

Paul Findlay

General Manager of Property Services – Asia/Pacific

With an impressive 18-year track record, Paul brings a passion for helping property businesses grow. From practical advice, to a passion for advancing the industry – all with a steadfast commitment to exceptional service with integrity.

Paul’s experience aligns seamlessly with our vision for Cloudstaff Property Services – a new division dedicated to partnering with real estate, strata, mortgage brokerage, proptech and conveyancing businesses across the Asia Pacific region.

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