Virtual Assistants

Unlock more time to lead with your specialist remote assistant.

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Take back control of your time

You’re busy, so we’ll get right to the good stuff! On average, bosses like you are clocking in a whopping 16 hours weekly just on admin tasks. We think that’s a whole lot of time that could be channeled into game-changing decisions, big-league projects—or who wouldn’t appreciate more personal time?

Enter Cloudstaff! Our top-tier Virtual Assistants are ready to sweep in and handle those admin duties, liberating you to dive deep into what you do best.

Think about it: no more drowning in emails, juggling schedules, or getting tangled up in routine tasks. Just pure, unadulterated focus on the tasks that truly move the needle. Why sweat the small stuff when we’ve got your back? It’s time to maximize your work mojo and let us worry about the nitty-gritty.

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How Virtual Assistants can transform your work – and even life

Dive into a universe where top-tier talent meets unparalleled efficiency! Cloudstaff is your passport to a global talent pool of extraordinary Virtual Assistants, primed and ready to supercharge your operations. Whether you’re a dynamo CFO, a high-flying realtor, a sales maestro or any trailblazing leader really – we’ve got a perfect match for you. From the monumental to the minutiae, just give us the cue. Here’s a sneak peek into the myriad tasks our VAs can effortlessly whisk away from your plate:

Email management

Calendar management

Travel booking

Customer interactions

Document management

Contract management

Event management

Online chat support

Proposal creation


And so much more!

Assemble your dream team with Team Builder

Use our Team Builder to select the skills you need, calculate the monthly price for your new remote team and see how much you could save compared to hiring onshore.

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