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Travel businesses today are facing the lowest unemployment rates in decades. There have been numerous articles mentioning, “a million GDS staff are needed.” In a highly competitive market with demanding customers, a staff shortage can be one challenge too far for growing travel and tourism businesses.

Picture this: half a million potential candidates, all wanting to work for our brilliant customers, and specialist travel industry software training ready to take your new staff’s expertise to new heights. Cloudstaff isn’t just in the game; we’re changing it! We are ready to sprinkle some talent magic to help you skyrocket productivity, grow revenue, and make your business dreams come true.

So, if you’re looking to take a flight to growth, Cloudstaff is boarding now.

Your all star travel team can’t wait to do wonders for your business

Let Cloudstaff be your wingman. We can pair you up with high-performing professionals who are all about your success story. Here’s some of what our team can do for you:

Customer service


Email support

Campaign support

Travel bookings

GDS software users

How outsourcing with Cloudstaff can boost your travel business

If you’re a travel company navigating your way through talent shortage, let Cloudstaff be your wingman towards filling your empty seats and achieving success. Here’s the flight plan to soar with us:

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What tasks can I outsource to my new travel industry staff?

We’re glad you asked. If you can do it remotely, your new Cloudstaff team can, too! You can elevate your productivity from booking agents to customer service – you name it, we can find someone to help you do it.

Can your team handle the software I use

Absolutely! From popular GDS and travel systems to office applications and everything in between, name a popular travel tool, and we can find you some software superusers. Just let our team know what you need.

If we need a little extra training for our team, can you back us up?

Totally! Cloudstaff Academy’s got your back, prepping staff to the max with our Fast Track programs. We have a ready-to-go training program for GDS software use, but if you need something special, just ask. We have a great track record building custom training programs for larger teams.

Will my data be secure?

We know that outsourcing means your team will have access to some sensitive business information. Rest assured! We take data security seriously – and we do it for highly sensitive industries such as legal, medical and debt collection. We have industrial-grade endpoint protection (the laptops your team uses) as well as physical security measures and business continuity planning. In fact, we are ISO certified. Read more about how our technology keeps you productive and secure.

Last one, how do I get started?

It all starts with finding the right talent. Cloudstaff is a pioneer of global remote staffing with specialist training courses to help you get up and running fast. We pair talent with technology to help you manage your team, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Last but not least, our Client Success Team partners with you every step of the way to secure success.

Hope that clears things up! Anything else you want to know, just talk to us!

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