Let us supercharge your staff

Armed with cutting-edge remote work technology, unparalleled security, and AI talent augmentation, we’re propelling remote staffing into the stratosphere of high-tech success. 

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The technology that underpins our remote staffing platform is essential – and we are investing across the staffing lifecycle, so you don’t have to. From finding great staff to helping you manage remote teams with ease, our know-how and tech wizardry are supercharging success for our growing customers.

Our tech team is also relentless in our commitment to security – with experience in data-sensitive sectors like legal, debt collection, and medical, we can meet the highest demands from your IT team.

We even have the option of a high-security suite for your team, if needed, with security staff, personal device bans, and printing restrictions. With all these technology superpowers combined, perhaps you won’t be surprised why we won the 2023 HR Asia Digital Transformation Award.

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Cloudstaff Apps

Staff Dashboard

A real-time window into your team’s activities and availability


Stay in the know on your team working hours and breaks

Working Hours

Your team’s calendar showcasing annual leave and public holidays

Skill Selector

Browse your staff to find the exact skills you need, every time

Contact Details

Instant access to the details you need to get in touch with your team

Cloudstaff Buzz

App-based connection to your team irrespective of phone connectivity

Cloudstaff Workbench

A detailed map of your team – from meetings to activities

Cloudstaff Rewards

The way we celebrate success and reward engagement

Tapping the power of AI

It’s the topic everyone is talking about – how AI is changing the future of work. At Cloudstaff we are championing this exciting new field alongside our customers. Having navigated the skies of tech giants like Google and sharpened his expertise in planet-scale solutions, our Chief AI Officer, Richard Lyons, is now captaining our AI strategy.

His mission? To turbocharge efficiency and propel Cloudstaff into the next era of remote work. We are leveraging AI to amplify our offerings, such as AI matching from our candidate database of over half a million potential team members. We’re also helping our customers navigate the future of work by augmenting their staff with AI productivity tools.

Dive into our new tech horizon and see how we’re reshaping the outsourcing landscape with AI!


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Top-notch security

At Cloudstaff, our commitment to data security and information integrity is reflected through a robust Integrated Management System (IMS), our ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications, and best-in-class endpoint management. If you need it, we can also deliver a solution built on the Australian Government’s Essential Eight cybersecurity protocols for endpoint security. 

mPC laptop: high security, including encrypted disk, remote wipe, fortinet web filtering, sentinelOne NGAV, and EDR

mPC Essential 8 laptop: designed to conform with the Australian Government Essential 8 security maturity model

Application Whitelisting: only approved applications can run, preventing unapproved applications, including malicious software

Graphic art of a computer monitor that shows the Australian Government Essential 8 Security Model

In addition to endpoint security, our business continuity planning, relentless focus on productivity and quality facilities are all built to ensure your business keeps climbing. Read more about our security certifications.

Tap into the power of a global talent pool

Craving an outsourcer that treats security as a top priority? Supercharge your business with great remote staffing, and the technology to match. Speak to one of our experts to see how we can put you on the path to staffing success.

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