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Be part of the Talent Revolution

The Talent Revolution is here. 76% of businesses are grappling with hiring, a 3x surge in remote work, and the changing AI landscape are all big contributors. Enter Cloudstaff, your knight in cobalt armor as you navigate the future of work.

Our amazing recruiters connect you with our massive pool of the world’s-best talent – bolstered by our Cloudstaff training Academy. Our Cloudstaff Community drives loyal and productive staff that are dedicated and directed by you.

Last but not least, our Cloudstaff Technology drives new levels of simplicity in managing your remote team. Together with our innovative customers, Cloudstaff is leading the way for the Talent Revolution.

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5 reasons brilliant businesses choose Cloudstaff

Whether it’s your first time, or you know the pitfalls of low-care outsourcers, discover why  Cloudstaff is a champion of the Talent Revolution.

Connecting you to the world’s best workforce

We’re not just boasting an industry training academy; we also hold also accolades like the ‘HR Asia Best Places to Work’ award, which recognizes our people-first community and world-class offices. The result? A whopping 700,000-strong squad is ready to jumpstart your business growth.

Your business is our business

Once you select the gems presented by our recruitment jedis, they are dedicated and directed by you – with the help of our great remote working productivity apps of course. As your Employer of Record, we manage the nitty-gritty from HR intricacies to IT equipment, so you can focus on what you do best.

When failure is not an option

With ISO-27001 certification and industrial-strength security, rest easy knowing you’re protected. Our business continuity planning, relentless focus on productivity and quality facilities are all built to ensure your business keeps climbing.

Always by your side

We go to great lengths to match the team that best fits your company culture, but we also invest in parallel to build our community of hardworking and loyal team members that are as passionate about your business as you are. Whenever you need us, our onshore client executives are tuned to your needs and ready to accelerate your  success.

Brilliant productivity technology

We are investing in technology across the staffing lifecycle, so you don’t have to. From AI staff matching to great training delivery technology and the Cloudstaff apps that simplify how you interact with your team – we are focused on remote productivity.

Why Cloudstaff

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Outsourcing Simplified

15 years of experience, 6,000 experts, and 700,000 potential team members. Explore the three steps to getting the best talent.


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Cloudstaff Community

Great benefits, brilliant engagement, and exceptional events. Understand how being the #1 workplace underpins productivity.


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The Global Remote Workforce

Sourcing talent from the Philippines, India, and Colombia and giving you the choice of work from home, office or dedicated suite discover global staffing.


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Client Growth Team

Your growth co-pilots, ensuring your team flies high and business scales.


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Cloudstaff Academy

From industry training courses to best-practice skills, understand how we gear up your team for success.


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Cloudstaff Technology

Simplify team management with our cutting-edge remote work software.


About Cloudstaff

Our history

Founded in 2005, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength thanks to great people, exceptional service and industry-leading innovation.


Our investors

We’ve partnered with other organizations that share our passion for how global remote staffing can revolutionize the future of work.


Our leadership team

Our leadership team are champions of creating the #1 place to work with a proven track record helping our customers grow.


Why Remote Staffing Stands Out

In the bustling bazaar of staffing solutions, many businesses have tried business process outsourcing, freelancing, and offshoring but there’s often a hiccup (or ten) with control, quality, security, and the dreaded ghosting of staff.

Enter Cloudstaff: where we’re all about rolling out the red carpet for our people. You see, we’re big believers in people-first. That’s why we have world-class offices and career paths bolstered by great benefits and training. As your chosen Employer of Record, we think of ourselves as your overseas squad, donning top-notch security hats, wielding cutting-edge tech, and fueled by a passion for customer service (we have executives in your backyard at the ready!).

With a whopping 700,000 candidates and counting, plus a retention rate that’s the talk of the industry, it’s time you found out why industry innovators choose Cloudstaff.

Tap into the global talent pool

If you’re looking for your guide to navigate the talent revolution, speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can put you on the path to staffing success.

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