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In the dynamic landscape of the mortgage industry, brokers navigate through fluctuating rates, evolving regulations, and shifting client demands. This emphasizes the critical role of efficiency and adaptability. At Cloudstaff, we empower mortgage brokers to thrive in this dynamic environment by harnessing the benefits of integrating remote professional team members into their onshore teams.

Free up onshore team members to spend more time with customers 

Our Cloudstaffers can manage administration tasks like appointments, workflows, research, document preparation, and can assist with loan packaging and processing needs. Our workflow experts can document and create training materials for your global team. With less administration onshore, your team has more time for customers. 

Our people-first culture and community attracts and retains top-talent

We were honored with the HR Asia Award for Best Places to Work in Asia in 2023, 2022 and 2021. With our people-first culture and over 15 years of expertise in global offshore, outsourcing, Cloudstaff offers access to a vast talent pool of over 700,000 professionals. Our resignation rate is below the industry average. Our Glassdoor rating 4.5.

Our technology enables Cloudstaffers to work from home, or office

Our cutting-edge, purpose-built, secure industrial-grade technology optimizes productivity, and allows Cloudstaffers to work from home or our office as you need. We’re wholeheartedly committed to efficiency, productivity, data security and ensuring your Cloudstaffers work without disruption alongside your onshore team. 

Mortgage Broker Roles

Our industry recruitment specialists work with you to tailor your role requirements including full-time, part-time, contract and project work. Here are our popular roles and tasks

Loan Packaging Specialists

Preparation of quality loan documentation, NCCP documentation, RP data searches and reports, data validations, loan lodgements.

Loan Processing Assistant

Preparation & Verification of Documents, Enter Credit Applications
Perform Income/Expense Verifications, Check Serviceability and Funding options, Property Valuations, Lender Check-in and Follow-up, Settlement prep, Client Support, General administration.

Accreditation Administrator

Lender accreditation-related documentation preparation, delivery of necessary paperwork to lenders, oversight of the broker and lender accreditation process.

Sales Lead Generation Specialists

Lead generation, communications via digital channels, research and questionnaires for prospects, sales pipeline analysis, appointment setting with qualified prospects.

Marketing Coordinator

Brand building, social media management, content and blog articles, market research surveys, creating targeted marketing campaigns, keeping up with industry trends.

QA and Reporting

Ensuring accuracy and compliance by regularly auditing and vetting mortgage applications, producing analytics and reports based on KPIs in order and enhancing mortgage operations’ effectivenes.

People & Technology are core to success 

Mortgage Broker Services Technolgy Training 

We are continually developing Cloudstaff Academy industry specific technology training to boost Cloudstaffer skills.

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Outsourcing mortgage broking tasks entails delegating various aspects of mortgage broking operations to external service providers or offshore companies specializing in mortgage processing, administration, and support.

Tasks that can be outsourced mortgage broking include loan application processing, document verification, credit checks, compliance monitoring, customer service, underwriting support, and administrative tasks related to mortgage transactions.

Outsourcing mortgage broking tasks can help mortgage brokers and lending institutions streamline operations, reduce costs, access specialized expertise, improve efficiency, scale their business, and focus more on client relationships and business growth.

When selecting an outsourcing partner, look for companies with experience in mortgage broking, knowledge of local regulations, a track record of compliance, robust security measures, scalability, competitive pricing, and a reputation for quality service.

Risks associated with outsourcing mortgage broking tasks may include data security breaches, compliance violations, cultural and language barriers, quality issues, communication challenges, and potential impacts on client relationships if not managed effectively.

Ensure that your outsourcing partner has stringent data security measures in place, including encryption protocols, secure data transmission channels, access controls, compliance with data protection laws, and adherence to industry best practices for safeguarding sensitive client information.

While outsourcing can help reduce operational costs, it’s essential to consider factors such as the outsourcing partner’s fees, exchange rates, service level agreements, potential hidden costs, and the overall return on investment (ROI) when evaluating the cost implications.

Establish clear communication channels, define roles and responsibilities, provide comprehensive training and documentation, leverage technology for virtual meetings and collaboration, and foster a culture of open communication and feedback to ensure effective communication with your outsourcing partner.

Plan the transition carefully, conduct thorough research on potential outsourcing partners, establish clear processes and workflows, provide adequate training and support to your team and the outsourcing partner, monitor performance closely, and address any challenges or issues promptly to ensure a smooth transition.

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