Mortgage Broking

Work more efficiently. Gain back hours in your day and grow your mortgage book faster.

From pre-submission to settlement, we help you to work more efficiently while improving your work-life balance. You don’t have to work harder, but we all know we should be working smarter.

Mortgage broking is a difficult, time-consuming, and stressful business. Mortgage brokers are pushed to their limits trying to find enough hours in the day.

Chase lenders for updates
Your Cloudstaffers can contact and follow up lenders on your behalf, giving you and your applicants peace of mind and confidence every step of the way.

Ease your governance and compliance
Your Cloudstaffers can perform paperwork audits, basic fraud checks, validate data and documents, and run through your checklists.

Work more efficiently
Cloudstaffers can manage your daily workflow helping you to improve your work-life balance. You don’t have to work harder but we all know we should work smarter.

Protect your commission trails
Your Cloudstaffers can flag your new client addresses in RP Data’s Property Monitor. Keeping a daily watch on which properties in your mortgage book are listing, renting, and sold so you’re well-positioned to win new business.

Win new business
When you are tight for time, traveling from appointment to appointment, request your Cloudstaffers to prepare a property profile report for your next meeting and have it sent to your clients and a copy to your mailbox so you can talk about it.

Submit and claim commissions
Your Cloudstaffers can track your application and loan summaries and prepare your commission claims.

Manage your CRM admin
Your Cloudstaffers give you more time in the day by managing your CRM and keeping records up to date. This provides you with more opportunities to capture and capitalize potential client’s information and opportunities.

Mortgage applications & lodgements
Your Cloudstaffers can prepare, check, and submit mortgage applications paperwork to lenders.

Loan Packaging Specialists

  • Focus on the preparation of quality loan application documentation so the loan is processed fast with minimal issues and rework is kept to a minimum
  • Collate all applicant documentation to ensure the application meets established time frames
  • Gathering any other supporting documents for loans
  • Preparation of NCCP documentation
  • Prepare serviceability calculators
  • Order property valuations
  • Prepare loan lodgements
  • Handle all rework
  • Prepare RP data searches and reports
  • ValEx valuation status monitoring
  • Perform data validations
  • Run files through your compliance checklist
  • Verify potentially fraudulent items such as conflicting addresses and flag them back to the broker
  • Calculate the necessary ratios to assist in the decision process using Serviceability Calculator

Sales Lead Generation Specialists

  • Generate leads that will grow your mortgage book by cultivating relationships
  • Initiate communications via social media, blogs, email, and telephone
  • Proactively follow up on all communication channels in order to qualify warm leads into your sales funnel
  • Conduct research and questionnaires with prospects in order to determine their lending needs
  • Copy all conversations and qualifications into your CRM as reference notes
  • Generate property profile documents for prospects as a lead generator
  • Prepare and analyze your sales pipeline and keep your prospecting dashboard up to date
  • Set appointments with qualified prospects with the ultimate goal of closing the qualified lead

Loan Processing Assistants

  • Manage the administrative tasks from submission to settlement, focusing on quality improvement and communication
  • Chase lenders for status updates keeping the broker and applicant informed every step of the way
  • Chase for valuation status updates
  • Administration and fielding calls
  • Prepare post-settlement activities
  • Research lender offerings and prepare product comparison grids
  • Book appointments and manage calendars and travel schedules
  • Marketing, sales and operational support tasks
  • Key all information into broker CRM, keeping your records up to date
  • Attach scanned files to CRM records
  • Help with your lead generation, marketing, sales and operational tasks

Cloudstaff Marketing Administrators

  • Coordinate and execute marketing activities that generate new leads and build your brand, while also curating your existing mortgage book clients
  • Manage your social media accounts on your behalf. (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Regularly connect with others on social media sites to grow your social media influence
  • Write content and post blog articles
  • Publish social media posts to connect your social media audiences to your blog content and thought leadership
  • Research, share and engage in interesting articles
  • Conduct market research surveys, collate results and share audience insights with you
  • Create Targeted Marketing Audiences on social media platforms. (i.e. and
  • Keep up to date with industry-specific trends and activities that are utilized to communicate with your clients

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