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We are committed to a code of ethics and behaviour that promotes personal and professional development for staff, diversity in the workplace, environmental awareness and positive social change.

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Cloudstaff encourages both personal and professional development for staff by providing career guidance, free professional in-house training and subsidised external training programs.

We also provide funding and resources for the operation of Cloudstaff Groups. These groups enable staff to come together, share their knowledge and learn from those with similar interests.

Cloudstaff at the Duyan Ni Maria Orphanage


We understand the importance of community. We not only provide support for our staff, but also their families and the community as a whole.

We continue to expand our community programs and have a team dedicated to managing our local charities. We are humbled that, in some small way, we have had a positive impact on the communities where we work.

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We care deeply about the environment and believe that all companies, big and small, have an obligation to be responsible corporate citizens.

We have a number of policies in place regarding consumables, power management and recycling. We are continually looking for ways to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

Cloudstaff’s mission is to deliver the best possible service and value to our customers around the world while providing our staff with a rich and rewarding career and an environment where they are respected and their talents can flourish.

To achieve this we are committed to building a workplace that values diversity, equality, inclusion, and compassion for the entire Cloudstaff family and support for the community as a  whole.

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Ethical outsourcing

Cloudstaff is committed to ensuring that our staff are valued, respected and kept safe at all times, without exception. Our philosophy is ‘Building the #1 Workplace in the Philippines’,  and we aim to achieve this by providing world class office facilities that meet and exceed all building, staff density, and fire safety requirements, while paying our staff not just a living wage, but a professional level salary that allows them to support their families and strive for major investment goals such as home ownership.

Family Support

Family support

Working while raising a family is no easy task. At Cloudstaff we do everything we can to provide a family friendly workplace that offers parents the assistance they need to support their  families while still further developing their careers. Cloudstaff provides young families with free in-house child care facilities, as well as full maternity and paternity leave & benefits for  new parents. We also have breastfeeding groups and social clubs for new mothers. All major staff events allow staff to bring their families.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Simply saying that we are an equal opportunity employer is not enough at Cloudstaff. We stringently adhere to the values of equal pay and merit based promotions. Currently 62% of all managerial and leadership positions at Cloudstaff are filled by women and pay structures are designed to deliver salary equity.

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Disability should not be a barrier to work. Cloudstaff strives to build an inclusive workplace that is reflected in our hiring, our culture, and our facilities. Cloudstaff premium offices are designed to be wheelchair friendly, and are fitted with ramps, elevators, railings, wide thoroughfares, and accessible bathrooms.


Workplace Pride

Take a walk around the Cloudstaff offices and it won’t be long until you see some of the many vibrant rainbow flags that are proudly displayed by our LGBTQ staff and allies. We are proud to provide a working environment that allows our LGBTQ staff to feel safe and accepted at all times without fear of discrimination. This environment of acceptance and respect has been built on the back of staff diversity training, an HR department that is unwavering in it’s stance against discrimination, and regular messages of support for Pride Month and other LGBTQ events.

CS Cares & Outdoor Group Outreach Program in Villa Maria-97

Community Engagement

Cloudstaff understands that as a growing business operating in a developing country, we have an important role to play in supporting the local community. Over the years, Cloudstaff has built and fostered relationships with many local educational institutions and community groups, providing sponsorship, mentorship and work training/placement opportunities. Our Cloudstaff Cares program also provides regular blood drives and community outreach initiatives to local orphanages and delivers food and school supplies to underprivileged communities.


Free Onsite Healthcare

Finding the time to visit the doctor while working full time can be difficult, but at cloudstaff, it is as simple as a push of a button. Cloudstaff provides free inhouse doctors, nurses and psychology services to all staff. All they need to do is set a time to meet via the Cloustaff Tap phone app and our medical team is at their service.

CS Card

Emergency Staff loans

Securing loans and credit cards in the Philippines can often be a difficult and timely exercise. Medical services often have an upfront payment before treatment policy, which can lead to enormous financial strain in emergency situations. To counter this, Cloudstaff provides employees with interest free emergency loans to ensure that our staff are protected when they need it the most.