Achieving business fluency through your multilingual staff

> Achieving business fluency through your multilingual staff

Achieving business fluency through your multilingual staff

In a globalised economy, having multilingual staff has never been more important. Imagine answering a call from a prospective client but you can’t understand the person on the other end of the line because they can’t speak English. Or perhaps you find a great supplier in China but you can’t communicate effectively. 

Language and cultural barriers can seriously hinder your business progress. If you don’t understand a particular market and are unable to communicate with them, how can you expect to reach them? This is why having your own team of multilingual staff is crucial for your business.

For many business owners, engaging multilingual staff members is an excellent growth strategy. It enables you to access new markets and helps you manage and improve business relationships with your international partners.

People who are fluent in multiple languages can be a valuable asset to your company. They can assist you in sales and marketing in a given region, customer service, procurement and logistics. They can also help you further understand the different needs of your customers.

Here’s how your business can benefit from having a multilingual team.

  1. Provide language support
  2. Do you need help in translating or interpreting materials in other languages? Or perhaps you need customer support staff who can speak Cantonese. Your multilingual staff can use their fluency in languages to provide your business with accuracy. They also help your company establish a good reputation and build trust with foreign customers. This allows you to reach a larger and more diverse customer base.

  3. Bridge gaps for better communication
  4. Having a multilingual team can help build a better understanding and communication between you and your customers. This leads to better business relationships. Since they can recognise the issues and concerns of foreign customers, it creates an opportunity for you to know what they  want and need. You can then work on improving your business functions to serve them well.

  5. Be aware of different cultures
  6. Understanding multiple languages allows business people to further grasp various cultures. This is an important aspect when you’re dealing with international clients and partners. When you have staff who are knowledgeable about the customs and traditions of other countries, it helps you strengthen business relationships rather than ruin it with an unintentional paux pas. 

Build your multilingual team with Cloudstaff

To assist our customers tap into some of the largest international markets, Cloudstaff is able to provide high-level professionals who speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

The Philippines is widely regarded as the English centre of Asia, but it is also surrounded by Chinese speaking countries, which makes it the ideal Asian business hub for our customers.

Cloudstaff currently has active recruiters across Asia to find the high-level professionals that you need, who are fluent in the languages that your global business strategy demands.

By building your own multilingual team in the Philippines, you can have your English and Chinese/Japanese speaking staff in the same office to save on fees and streamline productivity.

It also takes away the hassle from dealing with all the heavy regulation that the Chinese Government requires if you were to set up your own team in China.

Here at Cloudstaff, you can start with a small team and then scale from there. Investing in multi-lingual staff is a great strategy to help your business extend its global reach.

Are you ready to open your company up to new markets? Talk to us today at info@cloudstaff.com.


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