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We have developed a suite of custom applications designed to help manage, monitor and communicate with your remote team. These tools keep you connected with your team at all times.

Cloudstaff My Staff is a simple-to-use HR application that can be utilized for timekeeping and information repository for staff.

Cloudstaff My Staff is a web-based application that can also be used as a communication tool between the HR department and the staff for filing of overtime, vacation leave and even performance review.

Workbench is a monitoring app that enables you to view your staff’s productivity.

Staff use the app to time in, time out, and to log their lunch break. If your staff will be away from their workstation for a coffee break or a meeting, they can record that on the Workbench as well.

Aside from time tracking, this app can also be used by your staff to list their daily tasks, and you have an easy access to their daily accomplishments.

Cloudstaff Tap is a mobile application that gives you instant access to information and services straight from your mobile phone.

Cloudstaff TAP allows users to perform common tasks with a single click of a button. Cloudstaff TAP is very flexible, it can be used to initiate predefined workflows, start common tasks and even interface with other systems (via common API).

A loyalty program and platform that makes it easy to reward staff for outstanding effort, participation, or tenure.

DreamPoints get credited to staff when they participate in company events and activities. Points can be used to bid for items available in the BidHero app.

Cloudstaff Radio was created by Cloudstaff primarily for the entertainment of its staff. But because of its reach, non-Cloudstaffers can also download the app and listen to the music and updates of the company.

Cloudstaff Radio is an Android and Iphone App that streams Music from the Cloudstaff Radio Booth, 24/7. Choose among the types of songs you wish to hear — “The Love Clinic” if you are feeling romantic, “Urban Mix” if you want to chill or “Rock Fest” for the restless souls out there.Cloudstaff Radio is an Android and Iphone app that streams music from the Cloudstaff radio booth

WorkPattern is a web-based software designed to manage and monitor Cloudstaff internal processes online. It’s a way for staff to track their tasks or requests. It enables the staff to create, kickstart a process, and move a task from ‘On Queue’ to ‘Complete’.

The app assists users to implement processes in a more accurate, standardised, and optimised manner.

An interactive application that allows you to see where your staff are stationed.

It is an architecturally correct floor plan that displays the location of your staff and whether they are currently available at their workstation.

You can also find their contact details through this app.

LiveWire Dashboard is a real-time dashboard designed to provide live updates for organizations, instantly making important information available to all other members of their team.

The Livewire Dashboard system consolidates manual data into a single interface and integrates external data from live feeds from other business systems.

ProjectHub is a very simple project management tool for smaller groups, specifically for creative and marketing tasks.

ProjectHub is an easy way to manage simple projects — it provides time and task management, live reporting and simple team collaboration.

Cloudstaff Teleport is a network service that allows the user’s PC to “teleport” to other geographic locations. No matter where the user’s PC is physically located, it will appear to be in the selected target location.

Cloudstaff Buzz serves as an alert system for Cloudstaff(ers) when issues arise.

Cloudstaff Buzz is a managed contact service – our staff will help you manage your staff’s contact information and provide tools to better communicate with them.

Cloudstaff Voice Network is a dedicated Internet for high quality voice for your Cloudstaffer(s).

Cloudstaff Voice Network is recommended for customers who have large volume calls and those who need dedicated Internet links which are reserved exclusively for voice traffic.

Cloudstaff Check is an essential tool to know the connectivity of your smart phone.

Cloudstaff Check saves the time and guesswork in checking your mobile connection and other details like the type of connection, HTTP and DNS. This is also helpful to developers, SEOs and webmasters to check the availability of website and HTTP GET methods.

Cloudstaff NewsFront is an app that offers the most complete and comprehensive company news for your team. It sends updates and promote the latest news and events at Cloudstaff.

Cloudstaff NewsFront lets you subscribe and select your favorite from different “Tags” or topics like TeamChamps, PHP, Radio, Newsroom, Mobile, DotNet, Runners and more. Cloudstaff NewsFront also offers interesting stories, articles and tips that could be useful for career and personal growth.

Cloudstaff distribute sensitive information via expiring message format. is a web-based simple message service which will expire messages after a short period of time. It is designed to securely pass information and then the message “disappears” after the specified time has elapsed.

Training passport is an application to manage and monitor your staff’s overall performance based on their skills and trainings.

Cloudstaff’s Training Passport is a web app that can maintain a record of who in your team has been trained on specific subject matters.

A web-based app used to create and play digital signages that can be seen on TV screens placed on every entrance, lobby or pantry of your offices to welcome and recognise VIPs and employees, send reminders, and to keep everyone posted with upcoming events.

ActionTag is a convenient, superfast, and efficient solution to get common tasks done.

ActionTag is an impressive solution that will get the workflow task done smoothly and easily. Daily errands like water, tissue or printer ink refill will be accomplished via this tool. Action tags are small adhesives that can be scanned using any smartphone to perform common tasks in your workplace.

A natural language AI chatbot which provides answers to common workplace questions based on content programming done by non-technical staff in plain language.

Botley allows anyone to have an easy access to any information they need, ranging from work-related matters to personal stuff.

BidHero goes hand in hand with the reward program and platform, DreamCard. It is an auction app where staff can use their DreamPoints to bid for cool stuff.

BidHero is a great app to back your reward system. This app helps to encourage staff to participate in company events and to boost their engagement.

Assetbank is a digital asset management system (DAM) based on open source software. It can be customised to your exact needs. Assetbank is an easy way to keep all your creative team assets organised and easily accessible.

Cloudstaff DoorSpace is an automated way to attend to your new, revisiting, or pre-registered guests the moment they walk into your office.

It is a Visitor Arrival Information system where your visitors log in and get their badge pass. You will be automatically notified when your visitor has arrived and logged in.

You can also pre-register your guest for a faster and easier login process, you can even pre-order some beverages for your guest through the app.

Suiteview is a 14-day video archive of your Cloudstaffer(s) viewable from your onshore location.

SuiteView helps you better communicate with your Cloudstaffer(s) by bringing your local and remote offices closer together.