Ateneo Graduate School of Business offers MBA Program

MBA Program on offer!

Getting an MBA in any country is desirable for employees. If you are interested in accelerating your team leaders’ skills in management, then consider an MBA. Ateneo is one of the most highly regarded Universities in the Philippines. A dream for many Cloudstaffers, is to be able to get a degree through them. Ateneo has a small branch in Clark from which they conduct their MBA courses from.

The Ateneo-Regis MBA caters to managers, supervisors and those with work experience of at least (5) five years and who can carry courses in an accelerated, intensive and hands-on fashion. It can be completed in one year & one term. The program uses a highly interactive methodology and allows students to interact with other students taking a similar course in Ateneo’s partner school abroad. This in effect, gives the program the edge of international standards.


  • Clark


  • 4 hours (6pm to 10pm) classroom per week, two years to graduate.
  • 8 hours (6pm to 10pm x 2) classroom per week, 1 year 3 months to graduate.


  • Per subject (12 subjects) 20,000 pesos approx $650 AUD each.
  • Complete course (including books) costs 240,000 pesos approx $7,500 AUD

*Due to the cost of an MBA we are able to bond your Cloudstaffer to your team for 2 years duration to cover the costs of the training program and to ensure you get the best value for your investment in their professional growth.*

If you are interested in enrolling a member of your team in this MBA course, please contact your account manager or Cloudstaff Training Department


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