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Cloudstaff as our growth strategy

Chris Rolls is a serial entrepreneur and is considered one of the most influential people in the Australian Real Estate industry. In a recent interview, Chris discusses using outsourcing as a growth strategy for Australian businesses, and why he chose Cloudstaff as an investment for the Real Estate Industry Venture Capital Fund. Chris Rolls, the [...]

Cloudstaff as our growth strategy2018-12-05T08:32:13+08:00

Slow internet means productivity loss for your offshore team

When we first started Cloudstaff, we followed a simple principle that everything had to be in the cloud. We didn't build data centres or install storage area networks (SANs) in our offices. Instead, we used cloud-based servers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud. This strategy of “everything in the cloud” meant [...]

Slow internet means productivity loss for your offshore team2018-11-16T20:12:56+08:00

Cloudstaff gains ISTQB certification

Cloudstaff is proud to announce that we are now a certified Silver Partner of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). This certification ensures that Cloudstaff SQA Team complies with the International Standards of Software Testing and further strengthens our SQA offering. We are very committed to training and professional growth at Cloudstaff. We appreciate [...]

Cloudstaff gains ISTQB certification2018-09-12T16:03:28+08:00

Announcing Cloudstaff’s 8th office in the Philippines

We are very excited to announce our newest office in Pampanga. The office expansion is needed to meet continued demand for our outsourcing services that is fuelling the rapid growth of the company. We have officially announced our eight office in the Philippines. Located in Pampanga (80km north of Manila), the new office space will [...]

Announcing Cloudstaff’s 8th office in the Philippines2018-09-12T16:03:32+08:00

Be the I in team.

Individuals working together to achieve a common goal. Usually, as a team grows, you find that the total productivity is never as high as you would expect. Ten people in a team often don't achieve as much as ten individuals. There are a number of reasons for this, but I just wanted to talk about [...]

Be the I in team.2018-09-12T16:03:34+08:00

Reasons customers choose to outsource with Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff specialises in delivering successful outsourcing solutions to many different types of businesses across the globe, and the reasons they choose to outsource in the Philippines might surprise you.   When you first talk to people about why companies outsource, they will usually say “to save money”, but when we talk to our customers, they [...]

Reasons customers choose to outsource with Cloudstaff2018-09-12T16:03:34+08:00

Cloudstaff eCommerce Support

We are very excited to announce the expansion of our eCommerce support division. Online sales is an enormous part of the global economy, and the amount of customers selling their products online is growing daily.  Due to demand, Cloudstaff have created a new dedicated eCommerce division. Cloudstaff eCommerce delivers premium, cost-effective eCommerce support for hundreds [...]

Cloudstaff eCommerce Support2018-09-12T16:03:37+08:00

Google talks to Cloudstaffers about Google Cloud

Cloudstaff has been working in the Cloud for many years, and it is a vital part of the Cloudstaff Platform. The Cloud has allowed us to be more agile and dynamic. Our file stores, libraries, processes, and toolsets all live in the Cloud, and can be securely accessed from just about anywhere. Cloud technology continues [...]

Google talks to Cloudstaffers about Google Cloud2017-07-31T09:40:18+08:00

Azure Bootcamp 2017

As a company focused on development, Cloudstaff is always investigating the benefits of new and alternate technologies to help deliver a better experience for our customers. Recently, Cloudstaff developers attended Global Azure Bootcamp 2017, an initiative of the Azure Pilipinas community. The event was held at Microsoft’s office in Makati and was hosted by some [...]

Azure Bootcamp 20172018-09-12T16:03:38+08:00

Drone Training

Kim Elexis F. Delos Reyes (Videographer and Aerial Cinematographer) recently visited Cloudstaff and presented a seminar on drones and drone photography for Cloudstaffers. Kim introduced the various types of drones, their uses, history, and rules of flight. He discussed the benefits of using drones for video production and showed examples of his work. After the [...]

Drone Training2017-07-31T13:35:11+08:00

Cloudstaff tours the US to discuss “Modern Workforce”

Our Corporate team have been on the road this month, touring the US and spending time with new and existing clients. They have been discussing the benefits of the "Modern Workforce", a unique solution designed to help customers improve efficiency and increase output while reducing overall operating expenditure. The team met with senior executives of [...]

Cloudstaff tours the US to discuss “Modern Workforce”2018-09-12T16:03:38+08:00

My Cloudstaff Trip!

Cloudstaff has really amazing staff parties and there are always great prizes to be won. At a recent Cloudstaff year end party, I won an amazing prize – an incredible adventure to the US and visit Facebook HQ! We are so blessed and thankful for having this opportunity to see how beautiful America is and [...]

My Cloudstaff Trip!2018-09-12T16:03:38+08:00
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