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The best business strategy to boost your brand image

Creating branded materials and giving careful consideration to how your company presents itself is great for business. But for many business owners, professional level marketing and content creation is not their core strength.  There’s no doubt that as a business owner, you’re capable of getting things done. You've already proven that by building your own [...]

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How to develop triggers and establish trust in an outsourced business

No matter what kind of business you have, creating a clear workflow is an important part of the process—especially when you’re outsourcing. It’s how you can allocate tasks that can be automatically distributed without back-and-forth emails. Relying on regularly email exchanges with your staff to monitor their progress can be a huge mistake. Why? Because [...]

How to develop triggers and establish trust in an outsourced business2019-08-07T09:48:54+08:00

Tips for adding expertise when outsourcing your business

When outsourcing your business, it is best to choose a reputable organisation with a proven record in delivering effective outsourcing solutions. “You can’t learn anything new until you are open enough to forget everything you think you know” — American art director, designer, and author, James Victore. The best entrepreneurs are the ones that understand [...]

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When is the Right Time to Outsource your Business Process

Must outsourcing be done when your business is struggling, or is it better to outsource when you are seeking to expand and grow your business? Outsourcing can be a daunting prospect. There is usually some trepidation involved. Business owners may not instantly make the outsourcing jump because they’re unsure what’s on the other side. They’re [...]

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Happy clients aren’t enough — they need to be raving fans

Every business seeks total customer satisfaction. But if you want your business to soar to greater heights, you can’t just leave your clients feeling happy and pleased. You need to turn them into loyal enthusiasts. In today’s outsourcing, while you’re thinking about whether your staff are spending their day doing mundane and time-consuming tasks or [...]

Happy clients aren’t enough — they need to be raving fans2019-08-07T10:23:50+08:00

Cloudstaff as our growth strategy

Chris Rolls is a serial entrepreneur and is considered one of the most influential people in the Australian Real Estate industry. In a recent interview, Chris discusses using outsourcing as a growth strategy for Australian businesses, and why he chose Cloudstaff as an investment for the Real Estate Industry Venture Capital Fund. Chris Rolls, the [...]

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Cloudstaff tours the US to discuss Modern Workforce

Modern Workforce is a unique solution designed to help customers improve efficiency and increase output while reducing overall operating expenditure. Our Corporate team have been on the road this month, touring the US and spending time with new and existing clients to discuss the benefits of a Modern Workforce. The team met with senior executives [...]

Cloudstaff tours the US to discuss Modern Workforce2019-08-07T12:40:59+08:00

What is a Modern Workforce?

The next logical step to workforce expansion and evolution! Cloudstaff is about building a modern workforce, where a whole range of services can be moved to a different geographical location. Modern workforce, if you look at what’s happened in business over the last 10 years, a business 10 years ago probably had a web server [...]

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Who Are Cloudstaff’s Customers?

Cloudstaff is a multi-skilled BPO company providing various professional services to customers all over the world. Cloudstaff customers are small to medium enterprises who are located in Australia, the US, the UK, Hong Kong - just about any geographic location that you can name. Our customers are also not across any particular vertical industry. We [...]

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What makes Cloudstaff unique among BPOs?

Unique among BPOs, Cloudstaff is a killer when it comes to innovation. It is one of the top-ranked BPO companies in the country, and with good reason! Cloudstaff customers are able to tap into a larger talent pool because of our convenient locations across the Philippines. They also get a better retention of staff because [...]

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