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Reasons to outsource your marketing

It seems that every year the market gets more and more competitive. This has forced  companies to develop new strategies to boost their business and revenue potential, acquire new customers and maintain loyal relationships. For marketing to be successful, it needs to deliver high visibility, brand recognition, communicate a value to the customer and create an approachable [...]

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Introducing Cloudstaff Tap

Cloudstaff believes in using technology to make the most of every day. We continually evolve our systems and deploy the technologies that help us work smarter - and if it doesn't exist, we create it! Cloudstaff Tap is an incredible little app we created to keep our entire Cloudstaff family connected. It provides access to [...]

Introducing Cloudstaff Tap2018-09-12T16:03:39+08:00

Cloudstaff Tap App; Easy Access With Just One Tap

Cloudstaff (CS) constantly finds ways to make work and life easier for its employees. One of the ways it does this is by its newly released phone app called the “Cloudstaff Tap”. Its concept is to make it easier for Cloudstaffers to report problems and malfunctions in the system: like Logging technical jobs (e.g. hardware [...]

Cloudstaff Tap App; Easy Access With Just One Tap2016-02-26T02:24:10+08:00

Cloudstaff Teleport; Transporting Made Easy

Preparation for a new concept is ongoing, a system that lets a Cloudstaffer be at two places at once is currently being tested and, once set will be released to clients. It is called Cloudstaff Teleport. According to Cloudstaff's Founder and CEO Lloyd Ernst, this system lets the user have a different virtual location when [...]

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