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Expert Tips to Make Remote Working a Success

While many businesses are now working remotely for the first time due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been helping global businesses with remote workers for over 10 years. Here’s a few tips that we’ve learned along the way.  The move to remote working can present a challenge for those who are accustomed to their [...]

Expert Tips to Make Remote Working a Success2020-03-25T10:16:04+08:00

Thinking about outsourcing? Follow these signs

Has your company remained in the same place for a few years now without seeing any growth? If so, it's probably time to forget your old ways and consider outsourcing as a way for your business to reach new heights. Many business owners recognise that setting up efficient systems and processes can put them on a [...]

Thinking about outsourcing? Follow these signs2019-10-29T08:17:36+08:00

The inevitable rise of the outsourced workforce

Workplaces are always evolving and real-time collaboration and interactions from remote locations are now commonplace and effortless. Modern technology has paved the way for business owners and employees to really shape their work environment. Cloud based platforms, improved communications streams, and the ready availability of outsourced workers has put an end to the geographic limitations [...]

The inevitable rise of the outsourced workforce2019-10-01T08:31:56+08:00

Staff training tips for remote employees

Having your staff working from remote locations offers businesses a lot of flexibility and advantages, but there are also a number of challenges involved. One of the most important considerations is how to best provide training for remote staff. In recent years, the number of businesses that embrace remote working has skyrocketed. For some companies, [...]

Staff training tips for remote employees2019-08-07T09:47:50+08:00

Managing remote staff: Tips to make it work

Anyone who has ever pursued a long distance relationship for any period of time will tell you that it’s challenging but can ultimately be a wonderful experience when done right. The same is true in the workplace. With more and more companies allowing staff to work from home and building offshore teams, the new challenge [...]

Managing remote staff: Tips to make it work2019-08-07T09:53:02+08:00

Distance doesn’t matter

Making remote teams work despite the distance can be a really challenging but fulfilling experience. The trend nowadays is towards workplace flexibility and an organisation must adapt to the changing needs of the present market. Businesses are expected to think of their own strategies for them to be able to acquire the best talent. Back [...]

Distance doesn’t matter2019-08-07T11:27:50+08:00

Your virtual assistant has never sounded so good!

It seems that everyone has a virtual assistant these days. Two popular VAs are Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon. While there is no doubt text-to-speech has come a long way in the last few years, Google is about to change the game with Tacotron 2. The text-to-speech project of Google is challenging both [...]

Your virtual assistant has never sounded so good!2019-08-07T12:13:24+08:00

Cloudstaff maintains 99% staff retention rate

Cloudstaff is very proud to announce that we have been maintaining a staff retention rate of over 99%.   In the BPO industry, employee retention is often an issue. Typical retention rates range between 50-80% depending on the tasks performed. As an employer, these numbers are far from desirable. As you are aware, it means [...]

Cloudstaff maintains 99% staff retention rate2020-03-02T14:24:43+08:00

Good Vibes from the First-ever Cloudstaff Recruitment Drive!

Cloudstaff's first-ever Recruitment drive was held last Saturday, 28 November 2015. Organized by our recruitment team, the event saw over a hundred applicants visiting Cloudstaff’s office at SM Clark. It was a whole day event, with the likes of developers, accountants, SQA, and the like all vying for positions within the company. “This recruitment drive [...]

Good Vibes from the First-ever Cloudstaff Recruitment Drive!2019-08-12T13:20:07+08:00

Building your Future with Career Planning

The career goals of your Cloudstaffers are really important to us. We want to know what they are truly passionate about, if they want to become a rockstar, an NBA superstar, or continue to grow in their current position. We want to know where they see themselves in five years and what additional skills are needed [...]

Building your Future with Career Planning2019-08-07T13:04:06+08:00

Data-driven headache?

If you need a hand with processing data we can help. Processing business-critical information is very important to the success of any company, but due to our busy work schedules, we often lack the time or resources to get these important tasks done. This is where we can help. Cloudstaff's Data Processing Services provides highly-skilled, cost-effective staff to enter, [...]

Data-driven headache?2019-08-07T13:05:35+08:00