Cloudstaff Office Expansion

Office Expansion – Cloudstaff CRK08 Building Sells Out

Cloudstaff continues its office expansion to be able to meet the strong outsourcing demands of its customers.

Located in SM Clark, Pampanga, the new CRK08 office space is close to residential centres, educational facilities and shops. It is both an optimal location for staff and for visiting clients.

Once the 450-seat office space was opened in early November, the floor was so appealing that it only took about nine weeks to sell out.

As part of our commitment to give quality and dependable service, our offices are known to provide our customers a platform for growth, coupled with our highly trained and talented staff and our custom technology designed for outsourcing.

Fitting in with Cloudstaff’s work-life balance vision, the CRK08 facility is modern, fully featured and secured. It has relaxation and entertainment areas for both our customers and staff, nurses’ station and customer suites conducive to productivity and privacy. Each individual suite can be configured to support the individual needs of our customers.

Physical security

All Cloudstaff workspaces are modern, secure and fully equipped. There is a range of security options to choose from, 24×7 guard deployment to metal detectors on both entry and exit points.

Network Security

Our network and computer security options include computer security audits, custom hardware, restricted networks, and even forced use of VPNs.


Aside from the security you need and the services you want, Cloudstaff can configure your workspaces according to your specifications. Keep the branding options to make the workspace your own.

The NFC tags placed on individual suites are also supported by Cloudstaff’s unique TAP app—when scanned, it will display the necessary information about how the customer has configured their suite.  

First Class Lounge
A VIP Lounge has also been placed so staff can have a go-to spot when they need a few moments to refocus and revitalise themselves. The interior has been modelled like premium airline lounges with comfortable couches, espresso machines, magazines, newspapers, wherein staff can enjoy themselves amidst catch up and rest periods.

Sleeper Zones
Inside the VIP Lounge, there’s a sleeper zone complete with recliner chairs, blankets and pillows. Its low-light relaxing vibe is perfect for staff who need to rest before or after a long shift.

Office Perks
CRK08 also houses a number of Cloudstaff perks; a radio station can be found inside CRK08 for better listening and entertainment experience of all Cloudstaffers.

Our family-friendly culture lets staff bring their kids in the office to minimise staff attendance issues and a Kids Playroom has been dedicated where staff can leave their kids while working.

Though CRK08 has been a new addition to Cloudstaff’s operational centres in the Philippines, due to a positive outsourcing climate and the strong growth of the company, it would not be a surprise if the Cloudstaff Facilities Team were already out looking for the next office location to meet the upsurge in demand for the company’s outsourcing services.

Interested in outsourcing? Contact our Sales team at and we would be very pleased to answer your queries.

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