Diving into a pool of outsourced talent in the Philippines

> Diving into a pool of outsourced talent in the Philippines

Diving into a pool of outsourced talent in the Philippines

One great way to grow your business is by strengthening your workforce. If you want to find some of the best outsourced talent, then look no further than the Philippines. 

It’s easy to outsource any role you need for your business. From HR and accountants to designers and developers, there’s a massive talent pool in the Philippines that you can tap into. All you need is time, the right business processes, and a strong internet connection.

Whether you need junior or senior roles, outsourcing allows you to fill whatever roles you need for your company. With a reputable outsourcing provider such as Cloudstaff, you can have a direct access to people with the skills and experience you need. Plus, you can increase your productivity while reducing the costs of labour.

15 roles you can outsource to the Philippines

1. Customer service

Customer service helps attract new customers and keep the loyal ones. If you want people to engage with your brand, you need to provide excellent customer support. Allocate ample resources for your customer service. Otherwise, nothing matters, even if you’re offering the best products or services in your area.

2. Financial services

Do you want to increase your profitability or gain financial stability? It’s essential to track all your company expenses. Outsourcing your financial services will allow you to handle your financial problems well. Financial experts can help you meet your targets and achieve your goals.

3. Accounting and Bookkeeping

It’s important for a business to have timely and accurate records. For business owners, focussing on the core business is much more important than managing daily repetitive tasks. This is why outsourcing this aspect of the business is a great strategy to grow your company.

4. Human resources and recruitment

HR and recruitment is a complex function. Nevertheless, it’s important for every company that wants to grow. Managing staff is not an easy job. You need to have specialised knowledge to ensure that you’re adhering to the law. Outsourcing your payroll and recruitment tasks enables you to work on your business goals rather than paperwork.

5. Virtual assistant

Your virtual assistants can accomplish the less important tasks and even multitask. They can provide you with the flexibility you need so you can focus on developing strategic plans. This will help increase business productivity. See to it that you also delegate tasks properly so you can pay attention to the more important things.

6. Data entry and processing

It can be difficult to focus on business development without organised and accurate data. The data will be the key to making your business more profitable. That is why you need to utilise it and organise it efficiently. Outsourcing the right talent for this role will provide you with better speed and quality.

7. Software development

If your onshore team has already a lot on their plates, outsourcing your software development function is an ideal solution. Hiring global talent can expand your technical capabilities. You won’t be able to get all the skills and expertise you need in-house. Outsourcing allows you to gain new perspectives and drive innovation.

8. App development

The use of smartphones has given opportunities for many businesses to build their brand. But creating your own app in-house could limit the possibilities. Outsourcing can give you a global touch. You can build a team of developers with various set of skills. You also increase your chances of reaching a broad range of audiences. 

9. Programming

Business owners usually don’t have the required expertise to perform coding. With outsourced programmers, you can be certain that they are masters in their own field. You can even hire great ones at a lower cost. An outsourcing provider can also offer you the latest software you need for your business.

10. Graphics and web design

Are you looking for a new source of creativity? Outsourcing can be the perfect solution for your business. It allows you to gain a fresh perspective and better ideas for your projects. You can build a creative team who will take care of improving your brand.   

11. SEO and content development

Is writing not your strongest suit? Even if it is, as a business owner, you may not have the time to create your own content. Outsourcing your SEO and content development can be a great marketing strategy for your company. It can help drive more traffic to your website and engage more potential customers. But the most important work is maintaining your site. Make sure to post new content to keep your customers updated.

12. Sales and marketing

Overseeing your sales and marketing department can take too much of your time. You wouldn’t be able to focus on developing or improving your products or services. Outsourcing will allow you to build a team of reliable and experienced marketers. Their campaign strategies can pave the way for a quicker growth for your company.

13. Social media management

Managing all your social media networks can be both hard and time consuming when you have to run your company. But when you outsource, you get enough time to focus on your business. Social media experts can provide you with excellent quality of work at a lower rate.

14. Technical support

Technology has changed the way companies run their business operations. But there are always times when your office equipment doesn’t function well. If you don’t have a technical team to fix these issues, small issues can quickly become big issues and production down time can be costly. Security should also be a top priority. Outsourcing technical support can ensure that everything is both working and secure so your business can operate smoothly.

15. Medical transcription

Outsourcing medical transcription can increase productivity for healthcare professionals. It provides you with faster service delivery and accurate medical transcriptions. Trained staff will generate and check reports for you. They can also make sure that your business is HIPAA compliant.

Build your modern workforce

It’s important to understand that successful outsourcing is not just about moving jobs offshore. It’s really about moving the tedious tasks that stop you from prioritising your core business.

Outsourcing enables you to focus on what you do best. With Cloudstaff, you can expand your business capabilities and grow more cost-effective teams. This is because we leverage the top talent in the Philippines.

We can help you build dedicated and high-performing teams that meet and exceed your expectations. Do you need staff to handle your office administration, accounting, payroll or creative services? Are you in need of developers to create your next big app? Then Cloudstaff’s outsourcing solution is for you.

Cloudstaff has a proven track record of delivering outsourcing solutions that are scalable and tailored to your needs. No matter what your business goals are, we can provide the team that will help you reach them.

What extra skills do you need to grow your business? We can make it easy to scale your team in both size and capabilities. Find out more by sending us a message at info@cloudstaff.com

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