Good Vibes from the Recruitment Drive!

Good Vibes from the First-ever Cloudstaff Recruitment Drive!

Cloudstaff’s first-ever Recruitment drive was held last Saturday, 28 November 2015. Organized by our recruitment team, the event saw over a hundred applicants visiting Cloudstaff’s office at SM Clark. It was a whole day event, with the likes of developers, accountants, SQA, and the like all vying for positions within the company.

“This recruitment drive was fun because we have funky chairs.” one applicant said, and what is Cloudstaff if not FUN and FUNKY? The event was opened by Boss Lloyd who explained the corporate culture of Cloudstaff, how this place is more like a family rather than a hardcore business, and whose speech was abruptly ended in a RAIN OF NERF DARTS. The applicants’ shock was evident on their faces… I mean where else do you see employees attack their boss? Right?

The recruitment drive ended with 63% of applicants being categorized with a 3-5 rating, success in the eyes of Mylene (Head of Recruitment Team). At the end of the event, we ask an applicant what she thinks of Cloudstaff’s culture to which she replies, “It’s full of positive vibes, this is a company I wanna be in.”

Join the number one workplace in the Philippines! Attend our next Recruitment drive or visit Careers Page.


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