Healthy work environment

Healthy work environment for employees promote productivity

Cloudstaff believes that providing a healthy work environment for the staff is a good means to show that the organisation cares for its people.

A portion of Cloudstaff resources is being invested in health and in creating a fun and healthy work environment for staff. It is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver the best working conditions to our employees similar to those of Western standards.

The previous month of February may have primarily been about appreciating our relationships with our friends and loved ones but such has also been a good time to increase our awareness of heart diseases. Overall employee health takes a significant toll on workplace productivity.

Last month, Apple took the opportunity to further look into the topic of heart health. Not only because it was the month of love, but because it wanted to shift its focus on health.

The medical potential of Apple’s intelligent and techy devices has been revealed last February. The technology giant held a heart-health event at Union Square, San Francisco.

Apple employees along with its certified health and fitness teams panelled a discussion about heart health. It was a walk and talk activity—it concluded with a walk so the team can demonstrate the features of the Apple Watch. In its newest version, the watch has a sensor that can measure a heart’s rhythm like an electrocardiogram.

It was the first time that Apple held an event in support of the Heart Month. It’s a big step for Apple to make health care as one of its primary focus in the future. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said that “health will be the company’s greatest contribution to mankind.”

The tech giant revealed that it is also currently doing a study whether the Apple Watch has the ability to detect a rhythmic disorder of the heart, which puts people at a higher risk for strokes, known as atrial fibrillation. The findings can be such a big help to doctors to be able to better manage people’s heart conditions.

Like Apple’s initiative to drive change in the health sector, Cloudstaff believes that its own little way of providing a safe and happy work environment for staff is a good means to show that the organisation cares for the health of its people. The recently celebrated Heart’s month became a soft reminder to keep maintaining a healthy work-life balance at work to further boost our staff’s productivity. But it is always best to be watchful of our health all year round.

To better help our staff monitor their overall well-being, we place our own medical team at every building, including an on-site doctor to provide medical assistance to all of our staff.

Cloudstaff believes that stress contributes to a number of heart diseases that’s why we make sure that we cultivate a happy and stress-free environment for our employees.


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