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How Cloudstaff can benefit cloud computing2018-09-12T16:02:56+08:00

Cloudstaff enables cloud computing. Cloudstaff modern workforce gives businesses their own team of talented, loyal, hard working staff without the HR burden, without the IT infrastructure, and without the time consuming activities that get in the way of growing a business.

My role is simply to communicate the passion of our great people to our customers, providing them the opportunities to grow their business faster and profitably by outsourcing with Cloudstaff.

It’s been incredibly rewarding and exciting. So a number of my former colleagues are now customers of Cloudstaff and we’re helping to deliver very cost effective, innovative solutions to support their businesses. We’re building great apps. We’re supporting innovative platforms. We’re helping to bring exciting new products to market.

They love how easy it is to switch on a new service at Cloudstaff. So for example, what of my previous peers came to Cloudstaff and we were able to same day go live with an operation. They love how capable the people are. They’re very surprised by how talented, and how loyal the people are. They love the passion. They love the energy and they love the Cloudstaff values.

We are providing innovative services for Healthcare, for Fintech, for cyber security companies. We’re working with telecom, with storage companies and with MSPs. We’re building the next Amazon. We’re building the next Apple. We’re building the next Uber application.

The first benefit is obviously cost saving. So companies are saving and they reach a 38% in the first year and that includes the training cost. More importantly, what the finding is that the Cloudstaff staff are able to bring a higher quality and a lot more capability to their operation. So the products that they’re building are being released faster because they’re able to maybe code overnight and QA during the day. They’re able to provide innovative technical support on a 24×7 basis. They’re able to provide service to additional markets that they weren’t able to provide before. A lot of the companies are VC backed and what this is enabling is as they’re able to deliver products, deliver services ahead of the agreed roadmap. The VCs are very excited. What’s happening is that the VCs are now coming to Cloudstaff asking if we can deliver similar services for their other investments. It’s a very exciting time, it’s very, very rewarding time.

Cloudstaff modern workforce is the most innovative, cost effective way to scale a business. We’re a safe pair of hands. We are the enablers of cloud computing. The Cloudstaff modern workforce is the future of cloud computing.