Cloudstaff Outsourcing Model

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Mark Wren talks about how cloud technology, cybersecurity and FinTech companies embrace Cloudstaff Outsourcing Model.

We are continuing to see the leading most innovative cloud technology, cybersecurity and FinTech companies embracing the Cloudstaff Outsourcing Model to empower and enhance their business. This is enabling them to adjust and keep pace to the rapidly changing global and industry demands.

Flexibility is paramount. Trust is paramount. Our customers are working with market leading Fortune 500 companies. Companies who have significant levels of trust in them to ensure that they deliver highly professional services for their businesses. Customers that they have proven time and time again that they are very, very capable.

What they see in Cloudstaff is a company where we’re providing very high levels of professional service. We have highly skilled and highly talented people. They see the passion. They see the energy from the people. They see in Cloudstaff a team of highly talented, highly skilled people, highly responsive people who take ownership. They can feel the energy. They can feel the passion. We understand the value of our customers’ time and as well as delivering highly professional services. We’ve invested heavily in mobile technology solutions, solutions tasks as well as improving the ability for the teams to work solutions as well as improving communication, improving efficiency, improving business intelligence, analytic solutions, solutions that also are improving productivity.

Our mission is to help our customers’ businesses scale. We want to ensure that while customers are investing their precious time with us, they are gaining significant competitive traction to help their businesses grow. On average customers are transitioning in the region of 50% of software development. They’re building 24/7 customer support operations. They’re building 24/7 technical support operations. What we’re finding is that each implementation is different. We’re building a customized solution for each of our customers. What we’re trying to do is to create an open environment of trust, create a culture of an open mind and understanding, create a culture of continual reinvention. Change is natural within Cloudstaff. We provide an environment of ownership and environments of transparency, a team of people who are pragmatic and proactive. We believe it’s important to have structured implementation frameworks. We believe it’s important to have structured training plans to transition the knowledge. We believe it’s critical to have KPIs. But we also believe it’s very important to listen. We believe it’s very important to be proactive, to be transparent, to take ownership. At the end of the day, it’s about passion, shared focus. That’s what motivates our people. That’s what brings out the best in them. That’s what gives their efforts meaning. Our customers are experiencing larger, more significant gains in terms of increased flexibility, in terms of adding additional expertise that they don’t have in the current business, in terms of additional resources.

We’re very fortunate to be working with very innovative companies run by very capable leaders. Leaders who understand the significant benefits of the Cloudstaff Outsourcing Model and they are experiencing significant gains in terms of enhanced quality deliverables, in terms of additional services and ultimately, in terms of improved profitability.