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PieLAB Venture Partners manage the Real Estate Industry Venture Capital Fund 2016 (REIVC16), a fund that focuses solely on investing in businesses that provide products and services to the Real Estate industry. By providing capital investment and leveraging their experience and contact network, they are able to help businesses evolve and grow rapidly.



Lloyd Ernst has had a distinguished career in the Australian IT industry as an Internet pioneer and entrepreneur.

Over the past three decades he has founded a series of successful IT companies in Australia and Asia. He has been an active  investor and advisor for many businesses, helping them achieve success in the international marketplace.


Arafura Ventures

Arafura Ventures was formed by Joe Kennedy and Marc Philips for the specific purpose of establishing an investment fund focused on US-based technology startups and early stage Internet software companies. Arafura Ventures is based in Palo Alto, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, California. 



Indigo Venture Capital Partners is an investment company that focuses on seed and early stage technology companies.

Ramin Marzbani, General Partner, is regarded as a leading technology, Internet and financial services analyst in Australia and Asia.