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Chinese - Japanese Staff

Are you looking to expand your business to engage more customers both locally and internationally?

Cloudstaff can help you build a team of skilled staff who are fluent in Chinese and Japanese.

Having a multilingual team enables your business to access huge new markets and helps you manage and improve business relationships with your international partners.

From Sales and Marketing to Customer Service, Procurement and Logistics Support + more, Cloudstaff can provide you with specialist professionals who have the language skills needed for the markets that you operate in.

What languages can Cloudstaff offer?

  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Japanese
Find out how outsourcing Language Support can help your business

Setting up an offshore team Cloudstaff is the ideal way to create an Asian hub office for your company.  

Cloudstaff is based in the Philippines, where we have ready access to the best English speaking professionals in Asia, as well as having active recruiters across Asia sourcing top foreign language talent.   

Setting up your own Chinese team in the Philippines is quick & easy, and bypasses all of the hassles, surveillance, and heavy regulation that the Chinese government requires when hiring staff in China.

What are the benefits?

Provide language support

Add language support staff for customers who don’t have English fluency. Your multilingual staff can help interpret and translate materials, as well as establish your brand to a global audience.

Bridge gaps

Improve and strengthen your relationship with your customers and suppliers. They are able to help you understand your customers’ issues and streamline your purchasing processes.

Understand different cultures

Gain an edge in understanding the complexities of doing business in China and Japan, and learn how to tailor your products and services to local markets.