network uptime

Uninterrupted network, uninterrupted service

Network uptime is crucial to any business, but even more so to outsourcing. Cloudstaff is committed to providing clients with stable and dependable service; we do this by strengthening our bridge — the internet.

Downtime does not only affect financial cost. In outsourcing, where almost everything happens in the cloud, the customers’ trust, staff performance and productivity, and the overall operation of the company are also at stake.

That’s why Cloudstaff assigned a 24×7 team in the Network Operations Center and enforced multiple layers of network redundancy to avert and regulate network issues that may become a bottleneck to the business as well as to our clients.

In 2018, with the use of both manual and automated procedures, our dedicated NOC team managed to achieve 100% core connectivity uptime throughout the year. All Cloudstaff routers and on-premise servers which are required to deliver full internet access were successfully kept available at all times.

They have mitigated 16,000 minutes of downtime encountered by our upstream internet service providers through Cloudstaff’s redundant service providers. Cloudstaff is equipped with over 2.4Gbps aggregated internet connectivity from 11 links provided by five major ISPs in the Philippines—PLDT, Globe, Converge, AirLive, and Rise.

Moreover, the addition of Telstra to our ISPs last year has been another tough layer of internet redundancy. Cloudstaff’s direct internet service from Telstra, which is dedicated for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and voice traffic, has contributed greatly to our superb all-year network uptime.

Our redundant Domain Name Servers (DNS), redundant routers, dynamic routing, and other layers of redundancy that we have implemented have allowed us to attain a 100% network uptime and to provide nonstop service to our valued clients. But without proper utilisation of these, there’s a huge chance that everything would just go to waste—our NOC team definitely played the most significant part of this accomplishment.


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