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If you are looking to maximize the benefits of outsourcing, it’s important to choose an outsourcing provider who actually understands your business and the unique challenges that your industry faces. To really unleash the benefits of outsourcing, you will need not only industry knowledge but also the experience to deploy and efficiently manage a remote workforce.

Cloudstaff Customer Success Managers are available to help and guide businesses on their journey to great outsourcing. They have in-depth industry expertise and the real-world experience needed to efficiently ramp up offshore workforces and optimize their performance. 

Customer Success Managers are your guide to better outsourcing. They work with you to provide seamless integration of your remote team into your existing workforce. They share their industry expertise and outsourcing experience to build a solid foundation that will dramatically reduce ramp-up time, drive efficiency and ensure efficient scalability. They assist with industry-specific processes, workflows and software. They are your fast track to successful outsourcing.

Cloudstaff Customer Success Managers specialize in industry-specific outsourcing with a focus on four main areas: 

Team structure

When businesses set up an offshore team they are often unsure about where to start, which roles they should be outsourcing first, and how to structure the team. Cloudstaff Customer Success Managers work closely with the customers to build highly structured, efficient and scalable teams that are optimized for the industry.   


Customer Success Managers help define and consolidate the roles required and work with the recruitment team to find the very best staff for the job. This saves the customer time and results in a more cohesive foundation team. 


When companies bring on new hires in their home countries, there is almost always some type of training or orientation provided. This training is just as important for your offshore team as well. Customer Success Managers work with customers to help them optimize their training programs for their remote workforce and assist with on-site training.  * Additional fees apply

While many clients like to visit their offshore teams to conduct training sessions personally, this is not always practical. During the global health pandemic, international travel has been extremely limited in most cases. Customer Success Managers are able to step in and assist to help get teams onboarded quickly. 

Ongoing mentorship

Outsourcing solutions should evolve with the business. Situations change and challenges emerge, but having an industry specialist on the ground can really be an asset. 

The Customer Success Managers team is available to both customers and their Cloudstaffers at every stage of their outsourcing journey. In fact, even customers who have been outsourcing with us for many years still regularly consult with our Customer Success Managers as they continue to enjoy the benefits of smarter outsourcing. 

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With a deep understanding of industry-specific outsourcing, Cloudstaff’s Customer Success Managers give you an outsourcing advantage that most outsourcing competitors simply can’t match.

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