We help businesses increase their profitability, improve their efficiency and streamline their business processes through smarter outsourcing. 

We help companies grow by giving them access to great staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. We provide an innovative platform that takes away the challenges of working with a remote team and provide 24×7 support to both our customers and their Cloudstaff team. We are committed to delivering a premium outsourcing experience for your business that offers tremendous value with no hidden fees.  

Be more competitive

Save up to 70% off traditional staffing costs and reduce staff management overheads with Cloudstaff. 

Grow your business

Quickly and easily add staff to expand your capabilities or extend your hours of operation. 

Stay in control

Simplify management & maintain real-time visibility of your team with Cloudstaff’s advanced outsourcing platform.

What we do, what you do

Cloudstaff takes care of almost every aspect of your outsourced team. You assign tasks to your offshore team, set their workflows and processes and Cloudstaff will take care of everything else for one simple monthly fee.

We manage almost every aspect of your staff’s day-to-day needs, and our unique platform gives you complete visibility and control of your offshore team.

Smarter outsourcing

Building outsourced teams with Cloudstaff is the smarter solution to grow and scale your business quickly, affordably and sustainably. We help you find the best staff with the skills you need, backed by well-established systems that keep you in control. 

Finding you the very best staff 

Access one of Asia’s richest talent pools to find your next great hire and add expertise. Our team of 30+ professional recruiters have over 52,000 pre-screened candidates on file and “smart match” candidates for your roles based on skills, experience and cultural fit to find the perfect match.

Keeping you in control 

Cloudstaff’s unique outsourcing platform simplifies working with your offshore team and keeps you in control. Everything you need to know about your team is right at your fingertips. You can find out where your staff are, what they are working on in real-time, get detailed reporting and much more.

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A culture that strengthens your team

We don’t just find the best staff, we keep the best staff! We have an industry-leading 98.1% staff retention rate built on the back of a strong culture that supports our staff with free training programs, amazing events, and great perks. For our customers, this means improved morale, increased productivity and greater domain knowledge retention. 

Pricing with no surprises 

Our pricing model is completely transparent. You pay one simple monthly fee that is fully inclusive – there are no surprises.

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A commitment to your success 

Cloudstaff’s account management team and industry experts are with you on every step of your outsourcing journey. We are fully committed to your success and making sure you get the results you want.