Cloudstaff has 8 first-class outsourcing office facilities spread throughout the Philippines

With state-of-the-art features and high-end infrastructure, Cloudstaff offices are designed to be environments where staff can thrive and facilities that our customers can be proud to show off to their clients and investors. 

All Cloudstaff locations are strategically positioned close to staff residential areas, public transport hubs, eateries, and shopping facilities to make life easier for our staff and avoid issues for our customers.

Take a quick tour of our facilities

We are very proud of all of our facilities and would love to take you on a virtual tour so you can check them out for yourself and meet the crew.

Maximum security

PCI-DSS Payment card industry certified

HIPAA compliant for medical & healthcare practices

ISO 9001 Compliant – Certification in progress

Strict physical and data security measures come as standard at all locations, but for businesses that need the ultimate in security and peace of mind, we have ‘The Vault’ – a fortress-like facility for processing credit card payments, medical records and other highly sensitive information. 

  • Private security guard
  • Metal detectors
  • Device restrictions (no phones, tablets, writing or recording devices etc…) 
  • Dedicated Fortinet enterprise grade firewall
  • Optional dedicated E1 links direct from ISP 
  • Regular suite audits 
  • CCTV with remote viewing

Business continuity 

Backup generators

Multiple high-speed internet sources

24/7 onsite tech support centers

All Cloudstaff locations have been designed with business continuity in mind and feature the highest level of infrastructure with backup sources. We have faced earthquakes, typhoons, volcano eruptions, and pandemics, but we still haven’t faced anything that has managed to stop us from delivering for our customers. 

The first-class experience

Outsourcing with Cloudstaff is like flying first class – it’s all of the extras that you get that make the difference. While competitors supply desks, chairs, and computers, all Cloudstaff offices give you and your staff the premium experience. 

  • First-class business lounge for visiting customers
  • Staff sleeping areas for night shift workers
  • Child care facilities
  • Medical clinics
  • Private business suites
  • Multiple conference rooms 
  • Training facilities
  • Recreation areas 
  • Video game stations 
  • Kitchens and dining areas 
  • Locker and staff storage facilities
  • Free staff parking*
  • 24/7 security guards
  • RFID & biometric access

*Not available in Makati & Ortigas offices.