Cloudstaff is an innovative company. We fully utilize technology to remove the limitations associated with remote workforces. You won’t even know you are outsourcing.  

Delivering your Workforce as a Service

Cloudstaff’s outsourcing platform is years ahead of the industry and gives our customers the tools to maximize the benefits of outsourcing. Cloudstaff fully integrates local and remote teams with the tools, systems and processes that deliver complete control and visibility. Our innovation unleashes the true power of outsourcing. 

Key Benefits

State of presence

The status of your cloud-based team is monitored in real-time. You always know where your staff are and what they are working on. You have full visibility.

Platform integrations

Our platform integrates with other systems that you might use, like Google Chat, Rocket Chat and Slack. Triggers can be set up that push notifications in real-time to the system your company already uses.

End-of-shift metrics

You set the metrics that are most meaningful to your workflows. They are collected throughout the day and delivered at the end of shift to help fine-tune your workforce and workflows.


You can build workflows and check current progress in real-time. We make it easy to streamline workflows and monitor results for greater visibility and productivity.

Task tracking

You can track individual tasks with Workbench. It is installed on the staff’s workstation and monitors the individual tasks that are being actioned in real-time.


Cloudstaff uses machine learning to help customers optimize their teams. Our development team is focused on developing tools that augment outsourcing to deliver meaningful insights and information for staff and customers.

Smart match technology

Get the right staff every time with the most sophisticated outsourcing recruitment platform in the market today. We find you only the very best by smart matching candidates based on skills, experience and cultural fit to find the perfect match for your business.

Integration framework

Cloudstaff’s integration framework is your blueprint for successful outsourcing. It binds together every part of the outsourcing platform to maximize your offshore team’s efficiency, staff retention and outcome delivery.

Security integrations

We take security very seriously and have developed software that is installed on the staff’s workstations to ensure they have the correct security settings and their software is up to date before they start work. Any breaches are flagged and reported.

Your team is wherever you are

Cloudstaff’s suite of mobile applications & desktop platforms gives you the power to manage, monitor, and communicate with your outsourced team from wherever you are. Developed exclusively for Cloudstaff customers, our applications are fully integrated into the Cloudstaff platform, delivering a seamless outsourcing experience.